Healing Knees & Other Orthopedic Issues Naturally

Author: Elite Healer Ed Strachar, Creator of Healing Genius®


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Written on June 7, 2019

This Evening’s NBA finals game was marred by two key players, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors, being out with injuries making what looked to be a great matchup with the Toronto Raptors, essentially a one-sided event.

What is more ironic is I know I could help these players recover in a day or two rather than the weeks or months that they need with their highly professional trainers and medical staff.

Why can I claim that?

Simple. They see these physical injuries as physical injuries. Ligament/Muscle Strains and Tears and wait for the slow natural healing to take place. They try to manipulate that some with cold and heat, ultrasound, suppress pain with pain killers or injections etc etc .

What I simply do is see the area as energy body that is weak and corrupted. This energy body, say it’s a knee issue, has a spirit! All elements do. This is simple logic. Everything is energy and all energy is controlled by an invisible intelligence that we simply call a spirit.

That spirit knows how to repair the knee. It knows exactly how to do so but is being blocked for some reason and often is weak to begin with, which is why the area got injured in the 1st place.

I recall when I had shin splints from playing tennis a lot. I went to numerous top Sports Physicians, many of which worked with Professional Athletes etc. They analyzed my feet and legs to no end and made me do all sorts of exercises and Physical therapy at great expense and with minimal effectiveness. I had to quit tennis and I was only 29 yrs old at the time !!

Ten years later, I met a World-Class Psychic in Thailand. She took one look at my shins and told me that area is weak. She explained why, had me go through some processes, and Voila! No more shin splints! Now I play Tennis all I want at 58 without any issue.

Recently a 69 yr old lady, named Roberta, came to me crying about her knees. She had a bone-on-bone situation; her orthopedist told her she would need knee replacement surgery. She attended a 90 min speech I gave where I did some healing exercises. The next day she bragged how she danced all night and no pain. 

Another lady, Ruth Goldberg, in the same group supposedly had arthritic knees and ankles and had trouble flexing them.

Doing a simple squat was not possible until she listened to what I said and followed. After, she demonstrated in front of the room her squatting ability to everyone’s amazement.

One of my first clients was a 22 gentleman named Clayton Atkins, 22, a US NAVY ROTC student at the University of Florida who injured his knee badly playing football. When I met him he just had his 4th knee operation. He told me, as we “coincidentally” met in a Starbucks, that he was going for a 5th operation because the previous 4 weren’t healing well.

That was all his expert orthopedist could recommend. I told him the spirit of his knee was “dead” and needed to be restored. Another surgery would not fix that. He was skeptical. 4 weeks later, after working with me, his knee was solid. No surgery, no drugs.

I never touched it and all was done by phone.

What I can do is that these trainers can’t restore life force. It’s simple as that. Energize and restore the spirit of the affected area and remove the blocks that made it weak in the first place. That way it stays strong and healed.

Ruth Goldberg
Ruth Goldberg

Midwife, Flagstaff, Arizona

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injured knee
Clayton Atkins
Clayton Atkins

University Of Florida, Navy ROTC

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Spiritual principles must be followed. One is gratitude. Roberta, didn’t express that and withheld it and got scared/selfish. Her knee problems returned, just as fast as a newly refilled car tire leaks after going over a nail. 

I have seen that many times. It’s one reason I insist on fees and a testimonial. Ingrates don’t belong in my circle and are moved out quicker than a cactus in a nudist colony.

Ruth and Clayton expressed great gratitude. He passed his very thorough flight physical, was accepted into US Navy Flight School and several years later was still strong and going last I checked. Ruth is going strong and blossoming in a very big way.

So in summary, these and any other athletes who get injured will only get partial help at best from their trainers and medical staff. Some I am sure use “energy healers” yet most healers work with lower-dimensional energy and do not have the ability to remove heavy blocks and restore spirits and life force. At the risk of sounding arrogant yet owning you the highest truth, that is simply the truth as I have observed many times over.

So if YOU know these NBA Participants or other Serious Athletes or even serious lay people who prefer to really heal their joints rather than have them cut off and replaced by metal parts, then you could really serve them well by showing them this article and emphasizing what’s possible beyond what their Trainers and Medical Professionals are capable of.

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