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Leading Edge Ancient Self Healing Knowledge Retaught In A Proven and Powerful Method For Today's World

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Healing With Higher Energy by Ed Strachar

Leading Edge Ancient Technology Retaught in a Proven and Powerful Method for Today’s World.Ed Strachar, a former Electronics Engineer, inventor, Author, and Miracle Healer, healing people around the world through the internet and phone from ailments ranging from Cancer, Tuberculosis, Chrohn’s Disease, aching Knees, Chronic Headaches and more.

For the first time Ed reveals his secrets, methods and knowledge in a no holds barred , blunt direct statement of profound truths. He wastes no time exposing the lies of Religion, the Witchcraft, Big Pharma and more including how the earth is controlled by the dark forces. Strachar discusses how his high power comes from high truth and this is a truth few are ready to hear and exactly what the mainstream authorities don’t want the pubic to know.

You can benefit from greater Health, Energy, Vitality, Prosperity and more from employing the methods Ed Strachar shares here. Yet , be forewarned, the truth he shares isn’t pretty.


About Ed Strachar

Meet the Healing Genius®! A MOST POWERFUL Remote Distance Healer who specializes in Awakening Life Force and Reviving the Body's Natural Ability to Heal.

Ed Strachar , Author/Speaker & Magical Distance Healer has tapped into a Powerful Universal Field of Energy that allows him to do seemingly miraculous, healings/energization of People in just a few minutes across any distance.

He has also trained many of The World's Fastest Readers with his Reading Genius System. Previous to that, he invented a Computer Microchip used in Aerospace and Defense.

By education he is a Mathematician/ Electronics Engineer with many inventions & breakthroughs to his name. A dynamic speaker, coach and healer, worldwide helping people in over 50 countries.


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