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Develop Powerful Intuition, Age-Defying Health & Incredible Vitality!

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Over a Thousand Documented Stories of Incredible Healing

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Joel Bauer, energy healing, Ed Strachar, distance healing

Joel Bauer

Elite Business Trainer www.joelbauer.com

Fujiko Resha

International Model Philippines

Skip Tolley, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Skip Tolley

Real Estate Professional Baltimore, Maryland USA

Terry Hawkins

Best Selling Author/ Speaker www.terryhawkings.com

Dr William Wong PhD

Author, Master Herbalist Naturopathic Expert

sisterjoseph, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Sister Joseph

Catholic Nun Orphanage Director India

Peter SAge, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Peter Sage

Elite Author, Speaker, Trainer. United Kingdom

Robin Rosenhaus

Author, Healer/Energy Master

Dr Robert Ealy

Board Certified Emergency Room Medical Doctor

Dr Stewart Swerdlow

Author, Mind Control Expert www.expansions.com

Deborah harrington, energy ehaling, remote healing online, healing genius system

Deborah Heatherington

Registered Nurse (Retired)Canada

Raymond Aaron

New York Times Best Selling Author/Speaker

Diana Dettinger, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Diana Dentinger

Diana Dentinger Author, Speaker/Neurobiologist

Dr Matt Jagels

Chiropractic Specialist in Livermore, California

wendy mcfalda, remote healing online, healing energy, healing genius

Dr Wendy McFalda

Doctor of Osteopathy Dermatologist

Wendy mcFalda, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Mandy Van de Put

Co-Founder Straight-line Coaching Europe

Matthew Clark

Author, Speaker Founder: www.virtualedge.com

Roberta Lewis, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Roberta Lewis

Real Estate Professional
New York

Pauline Dungeon, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Pauline Dudgeon

Retired Nurse/ HealerVictoria, Australia

Sam Cook

Former Instructor at US Military Academy

Kelly Clark, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

Kelly Clark

Business Owner
South Africa

Oliver Grimbly

Professional Tennis Player/Entrepreneur

Wes Martins

Medical Lab Technician California

Gisela Clemens

Jewelery Designer USA
& Peru

Rene Berg

Chief Financial Officer
Dubai, UAE

Brooke Kelly

Kelly Family
Perth, Australia

Damien Dupuy

Reiki Master

Lisel Humphrey

Montana, USA

Doug Crowe

CEO, Author: Your Brand

Josie Tojeno

Single Mom
Cebu, Philippines

Karen Rothstein

Former High School Principal, California

Natalie Huen

Executive Assistant Successful Life Consultant

Warren Black

Perth, Australia

Healing Genius Mastery Training

Cebu Philippines

Healing Genius Mastery Training

Sedona Arizona

A former electronics engineer and inventor, Ed transformed himself into a powerful healer among the world’s elite.

Ed’s healing has produced miracles beyond most people’s capability to believe. Miraculously, he heals people from all sorts of conditions, including bad knees, chronic fatigue, depression, as well as animals, pets, and children from all corners of the globe remotely simply by phone or Skype.

He has mastered the understanding of free energy and accessing higher dimensions.

” Infinite energy is available to you at all times, You just need to learn how to better connect to it.” – Ed Strachar

Listen to this Doctor who had Stage IV Cancer and was expecting to die...

Are You Interested In Improving Your Health Naturally?

Self Healing Mastery®

7 Pre-recorded POWERFUL HEALING SESSIONS by Elite Healer, Ed Strachar.

You will learn how to heal and energize your mind, body, and spirit! Align yourself to access the infinite power of the Universe and upgrade all areas of your life. This is a pre-requisite to more advanced courses.

Learn how you can heal and energize your mind, body, and spirit!

Self Healing Mastery® Plus


This is an advanced course. Ed will walk you through a step-by-step process of how you can connect to the higher dimensions of the universal energy fields to help you heal and transform depression, chronic fatigue, low energy and dark energy into Love, Health and Vitality!

Develop Powerful Intuition, Age-Defying Health and Incredible Vitality!

Healing Genius® Protege

2 days Intensive Training with 2 Months follow-up for those who want to learn basic healing methods. 

You learn to do fast, quick healings over the internet with the Powerful Healing Genius Methodology. It’s a great step forward in beginning an Elite Healer.

Gain powerful and applicable methods from Elite Healer, Ed Strachar

Healing Genius® Mastery

Elite Healer Training

4 Days Intensive Training Online with Downloads from Ed Strachar with everything he knows.  6 months of follow-up.

Align yourself to access the infinite power of the Universe

post cast with ed strachar

90-Minute Podcast Talk with Ed Strachar

Includes a Brief Healing Demonstration

Ed Strachar will explain how healing works, his background, his story, how he evolved, and show some vivid examples of people healing and how you can learn to access this incredible energy for yourself.

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Witness the Genius: Ed Strachar's Transformative Moments in Media

Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network interviews Elite Healer, Ed Strachar!