Ed with Best-selling Author, Jack Canfield
Ed with Best-selling Author, Tony Buzan
Ed with Author, Client and Mind Control Expert, Stewart Swerdlow
Ed with Cancer Pioneer, Dr. Tulio Simoncini
Ed with Rev. Dr. Charles McWilliams, SACRED MEDICAL ORDER CHURCH OF HOPE (www.smoch.org)
Ed with Bestselling Author and client, Terry Hawkins
Ed with his Godson, now Master Healer, Eddy (www.healingjunior.com)
Ed with Energy Vortex Expert and Client, Mark Griffon Sedona, Arizona



Ed Strachar is a Powerful Elite Healer specializing in Awakening Life Force and Reviving the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal.

Ed has healed thousands of ill, sick, and depressed people worldwide, some within a few minutes, all remotely through the internet or phone!

Some of the mind-boggling healings that Ed has done include Transforming Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Low Energy and Dark Energy into Love, Health and Vitality.

Possibilities Include Complete Removal of Evil, Curses, Hexes, Entities, Dark Energy This includes removing ghosts/spirits from houses and closing harmful portals.

Possibilities Include Complete Body Repair: Spiritual Restoration of Limbs, Joints, and other body functions.

Possibilities Include Complete Clearing Negative Karma – Up to what the “Universe will allow.” Removing the Spirits of Poverty and Restoring Prosperity.

Straight-talking, outspoken, and sometimes controversial, Ed Strachar is a man who does not beat around the bush. Like his own teacher, Raymon Grace, he will ‘tell it how he sees it. This can be frightening and off-putting to sensitive people about subjects like curses and witchcraft.

This has never bothered Ed, son of a New York Fireman. He is quite fearless and has never been concerned about what others think of him. He often proclaims, “be who you are”

He is also very open about what he does (to him, it’s as scientific as a microchip), and he has always been very willing to share what he has learned with others to benefit.

He offers many illuminating and instructive courses on Healing through his company, Healing Genius®. These courses have benefited thousands of people around the world. See more on these courses here.

Educated initially as an Electronics Engineer, Ed has an extremely high IQ and invented an Electronic Chip used in Major Defense Aerospace Systems. He also taught at West Point, US Air Force Academy, the US Naval Postgraduate School, and many other blue-chip companies.

He studied Chess with the Grandmasters in Russia. He also trained many of the world’s fastest readers with his Elite Reading Genius® Program, which was incredibly successful and made him a millionaire.

Ed has written, produced, and delivered many corporate and public training in areas such as Product Design and Management, Mental Training and Peak Performance, Creativity and Motivation, and High Tech Sales Enablement, to name just a few.

“No Prophet ever said to follow a church, religion, or holy book. Do you think that is just a coincidence?” Ed Strachar.

Ed proclaims himself to be non-religious despite doing a great deal of charity work in Nepal, India, and the Philippines and accomplishing many healing miracles.

He is currently regarded as one of the world’s most powerful healers and can charge hefty fees for his services, much of which he uses to support his charity work worldwide.  Click here to find out more about Ed Strachar’s services

Ed with Elite Healer Raymon Grace, One of Ed's Great Mentors
Ed with Best-selling Author and Client, Raymond Aaron
Ed with the Best-selling Author and Client, Peter Sage
Ed with Master Musician, Steven Halpern
Ed with South African Entrepreneur, Speaker and Client, Matthew Clark
Ed with Author and Pioneer, Erik Von Daniken
Ed with World Renowned Physicist and client, Nasim Haramein
Ed with Master Artist/Violinist, Endre Balogh
Ed with Cheryl Bauer of Joel Bauer and Assosiates
Ed with Dr. Steven Greer of SiriusDisclosure.com
Ed at all Catholic girl's orphanage Valencia, Philippines
Ed at a boy's orphanage on the Thai Burmese Boarder 1999
Ed with Energy Master Dr. Ben Poh of Singapore
Ed at a Russian orphanage in Novosibirsk, 1996
Ed visiting the Atlantean Vortex on the Island of Bimini, Caribbean
Ed with his Mom
Ed visiting the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa
Ed with his 1st Mentor, Mr. Alexander Everett, Author of the 'Genius Within'
Ed with Healing Genius Mastery Students in Sedona, Arizona
Ed at Cooking School in Thailand
Ed with Healing Genius Mastery Students in Cebu, Philippines
Ed with Russian Orphanage Staff in Siberia
Ed with Jaime Licauco Filipino Metaphysical Expert and Author Manila, Philippines
Ed teaching in Slovakia 1990
Ed doing a Group Healing
Ed when he designed microchips for the US Military
Ed on motorcross trails in Northern Thailand
Ed with Healing Genius Mastery Student, Rachelle Parker
Ed in Red Square, Moscow
Ed with Japanese Breast Cancer Client, Masako Miyahara
Ed at the Cathedral of Archangel Michael in Kiev, Ukraine
Ed has a special connection with Lions
Ed at the Temple of Athena, with Master Healing Students Delphi, Greece
Ed, playing with his friends
Ed loves animals
Ed teaching in Norway
Ed teaching in Australia
Ed with client Doug Crowe CEO and Author of 'Your Brand'
Ed with Sister Celia Joseph at a Filipino Orphanage
Ed with Healing Genius Mastery Students in Cebu, Philippines
Ed at The Great Pyramids of Giza
Ed at The General McArthur Statue in Leyte, Philippines
Ed in Soweto, South Africa
Ed with friends in Thailand
Ed motorcross racing in rural Thailand
Ed with some of his staff in the Philippines
Ed at the Temple of Poseidon, Athens, Greece
Ed buying Bananas in Chaing Mai, Thailand
Ed with Australian Attorney/ CPA/ Spiritual Leader Warren Black
Ed with his 88 years old father
Ed, 5 years old in New York
Ed at Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, Mexico
Ed Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Ed in 1st grade Catholic School Bronx, New York
Ed with Client Gisela Clemens and her daughter
Ed with Dr. Joel Wallach, Author of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie"
Ed teaching at The US Airforce Academy