The Story of Healing Genius®

Ed Strachar, Creator of Healing Genius® is a powerful remote distance Elite Healer specializing in awakening the life force and reviving the body's natural healing ability.

Ed Strachar created Healing Genius® in 2012. A former Electronics Engineer and Mathematician, Ed invented one of the microchips used in defense systems. He honed his abilities under the guidance of different masters worldwide.

Ed Strachar’s mission is to empower and teach others the secrets that he has learned and used to heal over 2,000 people worldwide using his unique Energy Medicine System. Nearly all these people have been healed remotely through the phone and the internet. Book a Private Consultation with Ed Strachar >>>

Courses and Trainings: Ed has taught many other healers from around the world and holds regular Master Classes, Courses, and Events. These include his highly regarded programs: Explore Ed’s Products & Courses >>>