Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read our FAQ’s

Services include potentially doing the Following:
  • Lifeforce-Energy Restoration
  • Body/Energy Rebalancing
  • Transforming Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Low Energy and Dark Energy into Love, Health and Vitality
  • Purification of tap water
  • Energizing Certain Objects for healing
  • Complete Removal of Evil, Curses, Hexes, Entities, Dark Energy
  • Exorcism and De-Possessions, both on an individual and “Institutional basis” ie Homes, factories, hospitals, work places etc. This also includes removing ghosts/spirits from houses, closing negative portals and more
  • Clearing of the Human Energy System
  • Acceleration of Injury Recovery
  • Body Repair: Spiritual Restoration of Limbs, Joints and other Body Functions
  • Energization of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Organ Revival/Recovery Assistance
  • Health Revival/Disease Removal Assistance
  • Business Magnification and Acceleration including “Deal” purification and “fertilization” of businesses
  • House/Building – Ghost /Evil/Portal Clearing and Closing
  • Clearing of Negativity/Negative Energy fields:
  • Clearing of Negative Karma – Up to what the “Universe will allow”
  • Removing Spirits of Poverty and Restoring Prosperity
  • Coaching/Consulting of How to Maintain/Increase your new & higher life force

Ed’s desire to support others with his healing gifts and knowledge has led to his privilege of being able to work with over 2 thousand people around the world through the internet. You can read more about the powerful healing work Ed has done on Facebook and his Healing Genius YouTube Channel.  Up to 99% + of those numerous healings have all been at a distance remotely through online chat or phone/Skype/Zoom.

Ed works with several orphanages. Ed’s charity is directed towards third-world orphans and the people who care for them. All other services are done on a fee basis consistent with Elite Services Offered.


Due to the nature of Ed’s healing, he can heal in groups of any size via the internet, phone, or in-person. The limit is the Physical Space and/or Technology/internet capacity. He is tapping into infinite universal energy. There is no limit there.

To join Ed’s monthly online group sessions, one must first complete the Self Healing Mastery course.

Once that is started and you know the fundamental processes and skills, his live Monthly Self Healing Mastery Plus Sessions are then available to you. Find out more information about the group healing opportunities at Self Healing Mastery Plus 2024

He is also available for Private Group work at your Company, Club, or Organization. Use the contact form here or you can message his Team on Facebook to discuss the team details of your private group sessions


Ed is a dynamic speaker well known for his blunt, humorous style and high truth that few people are aware of. To contact Ed for speaking engagements, click here.


For those who have completed Self Healing Mastery Course or who have worked with Ed privately, they are then qualified to apply to his live 4-day Healing Genius Mastery Training, which includes online group follow-up sessions. For more information, go to Healing Genius Mastery.



Ed provides this and other VIP services upon request. Please click here to apply to Ed’s Services.


Ed is not tied to or affiliated with any sect, religion, cult or other organization and he is free and clear to practice as he sees best for the highest and best interest of all concerned.


Ed is effective both in person and in groups and, as well, working remotely over the internet, since he is working with the higher energies where time and space don’t exist in the same form, geographic proximity is irrelevant.

Ed recommends watching a few comedy movies, and lightening up. Master your stillness. Meditation, yoga or exercise generally work to help relax the body, yet you have to do what suits and fits your unique situation best.

In an initial consultation with Ed Strachar, he will assess your condition and recommend the number of sessions needed. There is no way to tell beforehand how many. Click here to schedule a consultation with Ed.