Clayton Atkins Testimonial

My name is Clayton Atkins, I am 22 years old, play football and am also in the US NAVY ROTC.

I am a benefactor of the miraculous spiritual healing provided to me by Ed Strachar . He helped me in healing my left knee after a relatively damaging injury.

The history of my knee consists of several ACL reconstruction surgeries that dates most recently to October of 2011. Earlier in November 2012, I injured my knee for the first time since the last surgery.

After having it evaluated by my Physical Therapist, it was determined to be a sprained lateral ligament on the outside of my left knee. The swelling and stiffness occurred after 12 hours and continued to get worse over the following day. It was then that I turned to Ed for help. The session was very simple, by phone or net chat for a few minutes only.

I felt slight sensations around the knee during the post-session while I was lying down after. He explained the importance of giving one’s self the best opportunity to heal by accepting and feeling the energy and healing. I continue to repeat this process and can attest to the benefits it holds. Needless to say, the swelling and stiffness immediately improved after a night’s rest, and after 2 days the swelling was almost completely gone.

The argument can be made that swelling goes down naturally over time, but I’ve sustained this type of injury before where swelling lasts for weeks, despite icing, compressing, and elevating throughout.

I am currently feeling approximately 90-95% healed and am able to exercise and go through my day without pain.

I’ve attached medical documentation as well as pictures that show before and after. Thank you Ed for your help, and I look forward to learning and experiencing more of this spiritual and miraculous side of life.