Ruth Goldberg Testimonial

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My name is Ruth Goldberg and I live in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I want to tell you about my experience with listening to Ed Strachar in Self Healing Mastery.

I first met Ed in 2019 when he led healing for a spiritual group I was attending. After that session, arthritis in my knees disappeared and has not returned!

I have since joined his Self Healing Mastery group online.

I could not participate in his live online group in November, so I listened to the recording the following day. The discussion included a powerful healing meditation led by Ed.

There is a point in the meditation in which he instructs us to banish negative energies and entities. When I did this I experienced a sensation that there was a bird flapping its wings around my head.

I could actually feel the breeze and the feathers touching my face and my hair being whipped about. I believe that this was a negative energy resisting leaving my body and so I became more insistent and louder-so to speak- that it depart and never return.

Immediately after that I experienced significant pain in my knees the likes of which I have not felt since the healing experience I had with Ed in 2019.

I recognized this as a healing crisis in which symptoms actually get worse before they get better. Since then I have returned to a pain free state.

So, what negative energy left? What changed?

Two things:


I have been able to return to enjoying exercise like I used to


The negative self-talk that I have carried with me for my entire life is GONE. I feel like a new woman.

I have a fresh, new energetic voice brimming with positivity, and love talking to me now! I can’t even imagine the negativity and the putdowns I used to have streamed through my head. I can’t even speak to them anymore!

I strongly recommend Ed Strachar and his services to anyone who has any health or other issues that don’t resolve with conventional methods. I’m so grateful that I have met him and been introduced to his work!

He is the most genuine, authentic, powerful, and courageous healer I have ever met.

Thank you Ed for your amazing work! Thank you for Self Healing Mastery! I am so excited to attend the next online meeting! And feel even better!