Who Does The Spirits Of Your Health & Body Parts Obey?


This may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer. Of course, the answer is they obey their superiors. Just like in the military, the spirit of your finger obeys the spirit of your hand, which follows orders from the spirit of your arm, etc.

This is important to realize because who does the spirit of the body obey?


Who are YOU? It is your soul, of course! The spirit of YOU is eternal and never dies. Only the body dies. Not the soul. (Note: I use the terms spirit and soul interchangeably)

Your words are direct commands to these spirits. They are listening constantly like a good soldier for commands.

When a Person says “My back hurts” they are unknowingly issuing a command that the body’s components are listening to. They think they are describing the situation, but, they are unknowingly creating it.

“What if a 20 lb. stone falls on my toes and I say, “My toe hurts.” Did I create it? Well, who chose to stand in that spot?

What if, instead, you say “My toe hurts, but I know they are intelligent and will quickly recover.” What do you think will change?
Let’s refer back to the man Clayton Atkins 2” to a “4” and then he started saying “it’s a little better but it still hurts when I go up the stairs and…”

I suddenly interrupted him and said “CLAYTON !! SHUT UPPPPPP !!!! Shut Up He did. He was in ROTC and was smart enough to get out of his own way and follow instructions. I had to point out to him that the Spirit of his knee was listening and he was programming it negatively.

He changed. It was actually funny to hear. I would ask him days later how his knee felt and he would say, “It’s about a 6 or 7 and I know with continued effort, love, and gratitude, my beautiful knee will further improve.” I was laughing as it did sound funny and yet he knew to never talk badly about his body.

Words are directly linked to our thoughts and our thoughts create blockages.

In order to heal, you have to speak your own healing into existence.
After 4 surgeries (and a 5th scheduled) Clayton’s knee was healed, without drugs, physical therapy, or additional surgery. It was a combination of higher cosmic energy, which I assisted, that energized the spirit of his knee along with him aligning his feelings with his health so that the spirits of his body could heal him. This was the path to clearing the blockage.

Can you imagine what most orthopedists would say when they hear this?

It was probably the same look that whale oil salesmen had when Edison told them about the light bulb.

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