Understanding Energy and Flow


If we met in a coffee shop and I bought you a big blended iced coffee and I took one of the big straws, unwrapped it and put the straw in the air, and said: “Look – air flows in one end and out the other. You’d probably look at me, frown and say, “Yeah. Duh.” 

Then, let’s say I took the paper wrapper off and put it inside the straw, and asked, “What happens to the airflow now?” You’d say, “It gets blocked.”

Think of yourself as tens of thousands of straws, only they are called energy meridians. When they get blocked, energy doesn’t flow. We feel tired, organs start failing, body functions start failing, the body gets weak and disease can set in.

Well, as is obvious, eating organic, and taking more supplements and nutrition that will not help this problem.


It will not help it at all. You can take all the vitamin C on the planet and it will not help you clear the blocked meridians. Taking Vitamin C will help you only if your body needs Vitamin C and doesn’t have enough. So, what we need to do is remove the blocks. What are those blocks?

Each of our spirits is unique and so are the blocks we carry in our meridians. There are infinite variations of trapped emotions that often date back to our childhood. It is often easier to recall when someone called you “stupid” when you were young than to recall what you had for dinner last Thursday.

You were wounded. You felt insignificant. That memory has a significant feeling called an “emotion” and it was charged with significant negativity. This is a powerfully stored “memory” and the negative energy from this exchange is stored in your energy field and has effects throughout your life until it is cleared. Why else can you recall it so vividly?

When we have a build up of enough of these memories we can actually feel and become less intelligent! In effect, we unconsciously create these blockages that impedes our flow of energy. Now what we have to do is clear both the blockages and any other impediments such as “evil” which is more frequent than usually one cares to consider.

Rough Draft Copyright 2020 Ed Strachar, All Rights Reserved

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