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When a client comes to me, I immediately check for life force, vibrations, organs, and any other area they may be complaining about.

I can then restore the life force spiritually to their organs, help them resolve trapped emotions, and then restore the life force spiritually to their organs, help them decide trapped emotions, and energize the water in their body. This changes their batteries and, with proper care, gets the organs, the body’s “batteries,” on an auto charge, generating energy and building up a healthy and sustainable life force again.

Evil and trapped emotions/blockages must be handled/removed/minimized for maximum effectiveness. Sin is the easier of the two for me to withdraw. To do this requires Spiritual Power, Purity – for me, that means using all energies in alignment with the Love, Life, and Light of Jesus Christ. This clears out all lower/darker vibrations and energy.

Depending on the individual, emotional blockages may require simple exercises or years of counseling/therapy.

Few on this planet have the power to do this effectively. My energization of water was tested and proven using specialized electronic devices in Asia while I was in the USA. On my Facebook timeline is that simple experiment posted by Damien Dupuy, a Reiki Master himself.

Restoration of the natural spirits/life force of our organs is also something I specialize in. Removal of any evil is required before that can happen. This is how I conduct Spiritual Healing. It’s all done remotely with only a “Spiritual” connection to the client, which can be done online, via a call, or even telepathic where necessary.

Should you think you have issues here, consultations of 20-25 mins can allow me to read you and discuss your situation in a private and personal setting.

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