How Can a Spiritual Healer Help You with Money Issues?


The problem could be both Deeper and Simpler than YOU think!

Money is Energy. All things are energy. What controls “energy” is a spirit .

So a Master of the Spiritual Realm can help you a lot more than you think when it comes to Money and Prosperity.

Let’s be clear. Finance and Income have a Spirit to them! The ancient Chinese teachings noted this and few understand wealth like the Chinese do.

Native American Shaman also understood this way. Studying both has lead me to some interesting findings.

Understanding how these things work can really help you. Ignore them at your peril.

Let me explain:

As you may know, I am a Spiritual Healer.

What I do when someone is “ill” is simply remove the blocking spirits of the “dis-ease” and “evil” where they exist and restore the spirits of health, vitality, and whatever body part that is affected.

Thus in an example where alcoholism is present, they almost always have evil. Evil encourages self-destructive habits. These evil spirits are removed then I restore the spirit of “Self Love”, “Self Discipline” and ” the liver” and then energize and align them so they can recover using the body’s own intelligence aligned with the Universal Energy Field which then can repairs things perfectly.

The client feels better almost immediately and if they follow through, will continue to get their life back in order. You probably have seen this from the client testimonials on my page.

When it comes to Finance and Income. Similarly, analogous situations are there only it’s not “disease or illness” but the spirit of “POVERTY” that typically plagues people.

The Spirit of PROSPERITY and the Spirit of Poverty cannot simultaneously exist in one’s energy field!

Often, when we have financial problems, the spirit of poverty is dominant.

Despise the rich? and those who are wealthy are a clear sign of the spirit of poverty. People who do this, rarely accumulate much wealth.
As well, as I have experienced 1st hand, evil spirits, curses, etc can thwart even the strongest efforts and have things “fallout” and have these efforts be wasted.

Deals get broken, other parties cancel, people suddenly lose interest in you, or worse.. your mind gets distracted easily or you get overly tired when progressing towards accomplishment.
Sound familiar?

I lived in Asia where I would see many a western man start a relationship with a nice Asian girl albeit she was “poor”. He didn’t mind nor should he.

Yet soon he found himself in financial trouble. Unbeknownst to him, her spirit of poverty came onto him, and Voila!

Not realizing these invisible forces was his big mistake. We all must learn the hard way. If he knew how to correct this, he would be fine with her and love can prosper as well as wealth.

In another case, I had a Real Estate Agent complain to me, after I helped her heal her body, that she had this deal she really needed the commissions on and the buyer and seller were always at odds, arguing, shouting, and never able to agree. The deal fell through 3 times she said.

Same process. I removed the Evil..which in this case surfaced as the Spirits of “Greed”, Distrust, and Hate amongst the “Spirit of the Deal” and replaced it with the Spirit of Cooperation, Harmony, and Mutual Benefit and energized these positive spirits for the Highest Benefit of all concerned. (This, by the way, is a must in all I do).

The next day the deal went down and in her own words. “It took but 20 minutes and went amazingly smooth”. The realtor’s name was Carrie Simmons from the Seattle area. Hers and many others’ stories are on my page.

Prosperity can be had. Your vibrations and karma must be high as well of course as your work ethic and smarts. Without the right alignment or having evil on you can easily block the best and brightest of people.

This Love Expansion Energy Healing Will Help You Raise Your Vibrations By Soul Healer, Ed Strachar