Soul Healer

If we take a polluted drop of water, a corrupted drop of water, no matter how corrupt and polluted, it is if we reconnect it with the ocean, it becomes purified and one with the ocean.

Think of your soul as that drop of water. Only it’s a small unit of energy.

However, if you reconnect that to the infinite soul becomes purified again. Very simple; it gets no more complicated than that.

Yet people choose to make it complicated because they choose to try to figure it out with their minds. Remember I told you the mind is not the answer.

The heart is the center of your energy body, and it’s at the heart that we can connect or reconnect to the universe once we can reconnect our individual soul to the universal soul; that’s where the magic happens.

Drop in water

The mind is in the way of that, so in order to do that, we have to still our mind. So that’s step one, and that is a very significant step that the vast majority of the population has difficulty with.

The vast majority of the population that’s gone to school taught to think nevertheless has vast amounts of media, internet, radio, TV, movies, video game, games, music, etc. They keep the mind very busy to where even if you take those things away, the mind doesn’t go still, and having a still mind is where all the magic starts to happen.

So, you may have heard about monks who meditate for many years to practice stillness. There’s a purpose for that. There’s a reason why they do that. However, not everyone has many years, and most people want to achieve stillness in a shorter amount of time.


I hear many people talking about how they can’t calm their minds. Their mind is so busy, and they don’t realize that their language and thoughts are extremely powerful. They create their own inability to become calm by repeating that and deprogramming and disempowering themselves.

You’re smarter than that; you know it’s best to say something more empowering. What could that sound like for you?


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