Healing Anxiety & Depression Naturally

Author: Elite Healer Ed Strachar, Creator of Healing Genius®


A new client whom I’ll call Jackie is just starting and told me how nervous she was. Scared and afraid she said “I hope “this” works”. She has very heavy evil and curses on her.  Evil works through fear.

When a person is in fear they are weak,  scared, and dis-empowered.  This is very common.This is soul work that I take very seriously and must be in full dedication to.

In fact, I would say about 20-25% of my clients are ready to take their own life if I can’t help them. Some of them tell me that outright. Some don’t need to as it’s quite obvious.Their health conditions, negativity, and depression are that severe. I have yet to lose one and don’t plan to either.

I told her to simply understand a few key principles which I will share with you.

1st – Expect Nothing. Yes. Despite all the understandings and seeing others’ testimonials etc, expect nothing! Expectation comes from the mind yet love is what heals and that comes through the heart.Once you connect to the Infinite Source of Love through your Heart, healing is then possible.

One must learn to unblock and use this “love channel” exclusively. The mind can block the heart. So expecting nothing is key to unblocking it while also being relaxed, letting go of the fear, which is a “choice”, and allowing love to flow so you can heal.

Overthinking and Analyzing, are also functions of the Mind that can also be blocked, thus why silence and becoming mentally “still” is so powerful.

This is why the monks will go meditate for many years if not lifetimes to master such disciplines.

2ndTake Full Responsibility.  Unlike the medical industry, which keeps you dis-empowered and usually tells you to take this pill or that surgery, here taking full responsibility for both your present condition and your results is key.

Not everyone is ready for this. It requires a certain level of  higher consciousness and will.

Unlike a pill or surgery, it is instead a powerful process of soul rescue, restoration and revitalization. Heal the soul and the mind and body follows. That’s how I can heal at a distance on almost any condition.

It is the soul that has the intelligence to  and actually  heals the body .  Accessing the soul does not require physical contact or connection. When its too weak, the body “wilts” and fades. When it’s at full strength, like typically in children, anything heals and heals fast.

The Soul is essentially a packet of energy. It’s a Divine Packet with life force. 

When this divine packet is separated from the “Divine Source”, it becomes weak. No different that when a drop of water is separated from the Ocean, it dries up.

Evil is often that force. No different than lions trying to separate a baby elephant from the herd, so that it can prey on it. This evil works in higher dimensions. Much higher than 99+% of the healers have access to which is why it’s very difficult to detect or remove for most. 
One lady who had massive curses on her told me she was told by a “spiritual expert” to go see a healer in a far away country. She asked my advice.

I laughed as politely as I could. I told her, at the risk of sounding self-promoting, yet owing her the absolute truth, that if a healer needs to “see her” then he/she is not operating at the dimensions needed to remove the evil.

Pure and simple.

She was a “spiritual expert” herself, authoring many books and having her own radio show with hundreds of thousands of followers. Privately she was suffering under the hands of sorcerers who had massive curses on her. This is not unusual. Spiritual experts with good intent get attacked massively by sorcerers. I could name a few household names of very popular ones who recently died. I won’t do it here and the time is not right but I will soon.

We know that “Everything is Energy” and that the mind-body-soul is a holographic form of Energy. Sorcerers with their hidden knowledge can access and open up “someone’s hologram” and see much about the person, their weaknesses, connections to others, and so forth and plan the attack and “distant torture”.

They invoke dark angels and offer up sacrifices, at the extreme, terrorized blood from animals or people recently “sacrificed”. They then invoke their curses which creates a “negative energy field” around the person’s hologram and this starts a very negative trend in a person’s life, health, career, or however the curse is directed.

I had this done to me. I never believed in curses and naively thought that if you don’t believe in them, they can’t affect you.  Haha. I learned that naive foolishness of mine the hard way.

I either had to figure it out and how to break it or end my own life. I was right there! That was my path. I hope it’s not yours as I lost almost everything.The sorcerers rarely have met the person “in person” and instead do their “devil’s work” from behind the scenes in higher dimensions. Thus to battle this and remove the curse(s), one must also work in higher dimensions. Higher than the sorcerer and dark angels so as to overpower it and thus use what I call “higher-dimensional love”.

Thus if a healer needs to meet/see her, he is not operating at a high enough level to heal. A stiff realization for most people. In another example, recently a “well-known healer” came to me. She had a certain sparkle.  She said a few words and I detected her energy and saw she was from another planet, with elevated DNA which she had at birth. Indigo child is the coined term for such.

I told her I saw this and she acknowledged it and said she was having a hard time dealing with “certain earthly energies” as she called it.I tuned in and saw she had some heavy demons operating at higher power than she was even though she was higher than 99% of the healers out there, she was overpowered.

It never surprises me. Most healers carry evil and spread it while they spew their pretty words and fluffy philosophies of “oneness”. I removed it for her and explained a few things. She came to earth with a mission and was gifted with higher DNA  than most earthlings. Now, the universe is opening up to planet Earth and its inhabitants.

All is accelerating and access to higher dimensions is available thus what was once very powerful is now “not so much”. Evil,  through its secret societies which call Lucifer “God”  (this includes the Vatican), has this hidden knowledge and few others are aware of how-to and instead are locked up following false teachings leading them to be very dis-empowered yet confident at the same time.

A dangerous combination.

Thus now her “higher healing power” was not so high and she either had to learn to elevate it or choose a different profession. She grimaced and didn’t want to believe me. We all learn one way or another and most of us choose the hard way. I was no different. Higher Dimensional love is what heals and is exactly what the Religions, Governments, and Medical Systems don’t want you to know about as by knowing this you become free and empowered.

This is what the Prophets and great healers all used. They called it different terms yet it is unmistakable when you feel it. That’s why none of the great Prophets ever said to follow a religion, church, or “Holy Book”. That is also why a demonstration of healing ability is a sign of the greater truth. 

Use that litmus test with your spiritual teachers and most will fall away and reveal themselves like cheap eye shadow in the rain.

Nothing can keep one more occupied and distracted than by thinking they have a “Holy Book” that will guide and save them.

They are waiting for the return of a prophet instead of doing what the prophets did; Connect their soul, through the pineal gland to the higher dimensions of the Universe and then direct that energy accordingly as well as illuminating themselves.

So I tell all my clients to expect nothing and take full responsibility for all and “Expect Nothing”.

There is no “it” here as in “ I hope “IT” works”.

It is “YOU” and you always work when you are committed and determined. YOU connect.

Hope and laziness thinking someone else will do it for you are very naive and ineffective and why I won’t accept just anyone as until they realize their full responsibility in the process, they won’t heal. The infinite universe isn’t going away and doesn’t have good and bad days. 

When you learn to connect to it and you can then “Energize and Align ” at will and don’t need anyone else to do it.

This is what heals, energizes, and attracts. Something the “Law of Attraction” will never teach you and thus why it rarely works. It is very powerful,  on the path to ascension, perfect health, and higher consciousness/awakening. It takes effort, accountability, and action

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