This weak and flaky healer gives a bunch of mental “tricks” to change negative thoughts. It’s copied by many shallow and clueless motivational speakers on the best-seller list, including the big Phony.

That should tell you something. The absolute truth is knowing what controls the mind. It is the soul/spirit.

If the energy is dark, damaging thoughts prevail. Watch TV for three hrs. and notice how much more negative you become. While entertaining you, the TV will weaken and darken your energy.

This healer has neither the knowledge nor the power to lift that darkness, so she gives her naïve clients this shallow toolset that may have short-term results.

Natural Healing comes from absolute power, and real power raises dark energy. Then you clean the darkness and the negative thoughts that follow in minutes, and it lasts.

This is why most people who claim to be healers don’t get solid results. The results speak for themselves.

You can learn this and more from my SELF HEALING MASTERY COURSE or work with me.

It’s time for a change.

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