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Meet Ed Strachar

Elite Healer, Creator: Healing Genius®

Ed Strachar is an incredibly Powerful Remote Distance Healer who specializes in awakening the life force and reviving the body’s natural ability to heal. 

Ed has healed countless thousands of ill, sick, desperate, and depressed people all over the world, some within a few minutes, all remotely through internet chat or by phone.

Ed Strachar is the author of several multimedia programs such as “Reading Genius”, “Into the Genius Zone”, “Genius Skills”, “Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense” and many more. He is also the genius mind behind the Self Healing Mastery course ( 

Aside from the many things he is busy with, Ed finds time to support orphanages in India, Nepal, and the Philippines.

See What Others Are Saying About Ed Strachar!

Dr.Gordon Roberts

Veterinary Surgeon, United Kingdom

Dr. Robert Ealy

Board Certified Emergency Medical Room Physician, Indiana, USA

Sidney McNairy  

Author & Yoga Teacher, Towson Maryland

"I’m always looking for ways to improve the healing of animals, but Ed’s course took my healing abilities to a whole new level. Ed’s healing system is unique. It’s based on the principle that “everything is energy and all energy can be transformed” if you have the healing power."

"The pain in my left lower back & left knee were completely gone. I had already completed Ed Strachar’s Self Healing Mastery Course, which I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to let go of the past and move onto the future and to be able to fulfill their Destiny, Purpose and Mission on this planet."

“I would say something about it because that-- I am grateful for what you’ve done for me, and-and my family, and elevating my business, and all those many things,” and so continue to do what you do. The world needs people like you, and I look forward to studying with you soon."

Natalie Huen

Life Success Consultant, San Francisco California

Fujiko Narvas

International Model, Philippines

Sister Celina

Nun, India

"So, I highly recommend, if you feel you have a problem, you need some healing whether it’s emotional or physical to---by all means, contact Ed Strachar. Whatever you believe in, if you think, your friends the universe, God, Jesus, Buddha, Elohim, whate-whatever your belief, if you’re appreciative, if you’re thankful – that’s what makes things work."

"When I knew how Ed could help us and the children in the orphanage, I also told about other orphanages within the city.So, there was a day we spent with Ed going to the different orphanages, and every place that he visited, he was able to heal people, able to see the dark energy that is disturbing them."

She started telling him of her illness at the time, and despite almost about a thousand kilometers away, Ed offers his assistance. At first, she thought he was joking, as of how could he affect her over online chat. The Philippines is famous for its Healers yet, no one here ever heard of someone who could heal over Facebook chat. Listen, as Fujiko has told her story of what happened next.

Dr. Wendy McFalda

Doctor Of Osteopathy & Dermatologist Michigan, USA

Deborah Heatherington

A Retired Nurse, USA

Mandy Van Der Put

CEO Straight-Line Business School,Netherlands

"I feel content. It’s just is, so you know it works, you just know it does. Just try it it’s beyond my wildest visions for it and hopes. I was skeptical, but I decided to proceed because I needed a change and this provided that. And since then, my life has completely changed. I feel hopeful, I’ve learned techniques from Ed that I know are going to support me for the rest of my life and I’m so very, very grateful for having found him."

"I’m more productive then ever before and have tremendous amounts of energy. I’m fit when I get up in the morning, have all the tools I need to maintain a high energy level during the day and I am a more loving wife & mom."

"I wish in hindsight that I had met Ed Strachar prior to having this surgery. Ed Strachar has changed my life around and he definitely, has shown me how I can prevent my left knee and my left hip from furthering their progression and actually, halting my illness. If I’ve known Ed then, I would not have had surgery."

Carmen Brands

Mother, Healer, Animal Healer, Netherlands

Doug Crowe

CEO of Author Your Brand, USA 

Dr. William Wong

Medical Doctor, USA

"Last year I suffered from serious heart problems and I had an operation. I realize I had to protect myself from negative energies and restore my energy. What I learned in this course from Ed is more than I could expect. Thank you very much."

Until now, even the most open-minded scientifically minded person would not believe that Alternative Treatments and Energy Healing Could heal Knees, Shoulders, Backs, etc.everend Dr. William Wong, an Old Rite Catholic Priest, and Naturopathic Doctor pursued and experimented with Elite Spiritual Healer Ed Strachar's Powerful Energy and Unique Methodology using Energy Medicine and Vibrational Healing is known as Healing Genius® .

"If you can open up your heart and your mind and your spirit to what he has to offer, he can heal you too physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually… but you can’t be healed if you don’t open up your own heart and your own mind to the possibilities of a better life."

“Your body always has the intelligence to HEAL. When it doesn’t heal, it’s because it’s being blocked and doesn’t have the energy – THAT’S WHEN I COME IN.” - Ed Strachar

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