Elite Healer Ed Strachar – Why Doesn’t The Law Of Attraction Work For Most People?

You have heard it. The “Secret”. A brilliantly marketed age-old concept. It makes so much sense. Visualize what you want and it comes to you! Voila!
Make your dream board and all comes to you. Erase negativity! “The Secret” – brilliantly marketed, overly simplified to appeal to the masses. Look at the people behind it. Broke, involved in numerous lawsuits, jail, etc… False teaching inspired by dark forces brings results like this while appealing to vanity, greed, etc.

Yes, thoughts are forces. This is true. But many other things have forces also. Some that work against you. In Physics, this is often referred to as “friction”. Every action, and thoughts are actions, and has an equal and opposite reaction!

A Fundamental Universal Principle.

This is what they don’t tell you. If they did, they would sell for less.

I recently talked with an Author who was a Self Described “Law of Attraction” Queen. She authored many books on the subject. She also told me she had just come from the Doctor’s office and had serious health issues. I did a quick scan and saw evil all over her.. draining her essential life force and weakening her to the point of being seriously ill.

I also talked with one of the “Kings” of the “Secret”. He had so much dark energy on him that it was pathetic. He read the Bible daily and was going to church often thinking that was the answer.

He still hasn’t found it.

It’s no surprise to me at all. When I shared what I saw with the “Queen” .she instantly refuted the possibility and broke off our discussion. Maybe it will be in her next lifetime she learns as she hasn’t much longer in this one. with serious pain and suffering along the way. I could have healed her in a snap as I knew both the cause of her illness and could remove it. The MDs had no clue.. and will just inundate her with drugs and surgeries until… Evil thrives off misery and loves to tempt using sensual pleasures, wealth etc to get into your head and energy field so they can have their way.

So the LOA has you make your “Dream Board”. Thus, you follow the plan, envision having the million$$, the boat, the car, the house, dream vacation, perfect partner..and …………. Nope. Nata… hasn’t worked.
Wonder why?

I, as a Spiritual Healer, will tell you why as I have seen it work and seen it mostly not work as people come to me like a puppy dog who lost its bone. Here is what I have seen:

The Law of Attraction only works under 2 conditions:

1) When you have good karma

2) When you have high vibrations

Good karma allows you to attract what you want. Negative karma repels what you want until you make up for it.

High Vibrations, allow you to resonate at higher dominions of consciousness that give one greater understanding and Vision. This comes only from authenticity, true love, service to thy fellow man and for the highest good of all concerned.

High Vibrations can transform, heal and attract. People of high vibrations can do these special things whether they are extremely healthy, loving, have great abilities to heal others etc.

Greed is of low vibration. Few understand this. Some want high vibrations for reasons of greed. This leaves them forever chasing their tail. Most people simply don’t have high vibrations and thus the LOA doesn’t and won’t ever work for them, regardless of how many seminars, books and CDs they buy and listen too.

Thinking and the intellect is also of low vibrations. I was a chess player to see this first hand. I have seen world class chess tournaments. Rooms full of World Class High IQ competitors staring over a board. The room is gloomy, “dark” and morbid.

The people who sell the Law of Attraction materials often have very low vibrations as in effect they are selling false teachings. Same with most Motivational and Personal Development Speakers. Their real goal is simply money. Look at their private lives, that few ever get to see and you will see this confirmed.

Politicians are no different of course.

Low vibrations are like trying to see out of a dirty basement window. They come from shallow pitches, deception, in-authenticity, manipulation, self-centeredness and pure and simple – false advertising as well as evil, sadness, anger, and self-destructive habits such as drugs, alcohol, poor diet, poor self-image etc.

Thus if a person have “evil” on them, either from doing bad deeds, hanging with the wrong crowd or simply being attacked by evil, their vibrations go very low. Dark energy, and negative energy fields can actually have the effect of repelling what you want and attracting what you don’t want. Yes, that’s why it’s called “negative”.

I estimate that less than 3% of the population actually have both required conditions for the Law of Attraction to work for them. Look around you at how many preach this vs. how many are realizing it? You can see for yourself.

Of course, the Law of Attraction people doesn’t tell you this. If they did, their sales would plummet. They would come across as “negative” when in fact they would only be truthful.

True service means telling people the truth regardless of its impact on sales or on being liked. Being hated for telling the truth is not a bad thing. Being loved for telling lies/false teachings etc. can be yet they get more votes and have bigger crowds.

This is authenticity. This true love… not manipulating the truth to their advantage. See who really understands these deeper truths rather than just repeating them blindly so often it becomes real to them without them having a deeper understanding.

Higher wisdom and uncomfortable truth don’t ever sell as well as easy money and soft pretty lies that tell people who have done nothing more than pay an entrance fee how great they are!

This is why there are many poor “wealth coaches”, many Priests/Pastors/Clerics/Rabbis/Spiritual Experts who cannot heal or have very weak power. We all know there are many Doctors with poor health etc. False teachings and false medicine will lower vibrations significantly. Truth raises them.

When I clear people of these negative energies, awaken them from the false teachings and point out the dark energies/spirits on them, their life often awakens. Sometimes that means health, wealth or life force which affects all they do.

They then understand how to raise their vibrations and then they can transform disease into health, poverty into wealth and many other things.

They also understand that it’s always their responsibility to transform their lives. Few want to accept this but instead, stand back and be able to point fingers if “it” doesn’t “work”. Personally, I choose not to work with people who don’t take full responsibility for their own results for the same reason those elite Universities won’t accept applicants with low exam scores.

I must also mention this “delusion” many a person studying the “new way” often follows in thinking “Evil Doesn’t Exist”. Just “stay positive” I hear so often but rarely see that has the same effect as denying robbers & thieves exist and then taking the locks off your doors. It has the same effect. I see it all the time.

When you learn to clear your energy, remove the dark forces from around you and “clean your closets”, amazing things do happen and you don’t even need to subscribe to the Law of Attraction.