Coming back to where we started, truth is a vibration. Love is a vibration. You tune your vibration and energy, aligning with the five balls and four pyramids I teach, which align your mind, body, and soul to “Heaven and Earth.”

That all starts with the pineal gland, and you can tune in to the field of truth; you can raise your vibration, heal your body, and know. You can understand without even having to learn, which is critical because you’ve been taught to go to school, and learning makes you bright.

Well, this is a partial delusion. The reality is that knowledge is a field. Socrates said, “Learning is remembering.” He’s not talking about taking a memory course. The word “Remember” means re-unite with the field of knowledge.

Aristotle said, “We never learn anything we don’t already know.

You’re reminded of everything you learn, and then you get it.”

The word “Educate” comes from the Latin word “reduce,” which means “to draw out of” So the Socratic teaching method is to ask ‘little kid’ questions. If you ask them the right questions in the correct order, that little kid comes to the conclusions all by himself. You don’t have to tell him anything.

So, certain advanced methods of teaching use it. And this is what Socrates mastered, and Socrates was poisoned for disillusioning youth. Socrates was a master. And when he was poisoned, he drank the poison, smiled with great pleasure, and drank harakeke because he knew the soul lives forever. The body dies, but the soul lives forever.

When Gandhi was shot, Gandhi turned to his assassin and blessed him before he fell. Because he knew it was just a transition. They’re just moving into their light body. It’s just a little pain for a minute; then you rise above. All masters know this.

Jesus said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do” So, this is part of awakening, healing, and true proper knowledge.

The most significant part of this delusion is that we have to go to school and learn if we only understand that all knowledge comes from within; all power is above and below us at all times. School is a conditioning program to follow authority and not listen to your soul. It effectively creates obedient workers and enslaved people instead of awakened individuals.

Heaven and Earth, Universal Energy Field, and Mother Earth are above and below you at all times. You can connect to infinite power, so no matter how weak you think you are, you’re not weak because you can connect to endless energy, and all knowledge comes from within.

So you don’t have to go to the library, books can remind you, teachings can remind you, we never learn anything we don’t already know. 

Galileo said, “You cannot teach anybody anything, only help them realize the answers inside them.”

All knowledge comes from within; you’re connected to all infinite power, consistently above and below you. You don’t need to go elsewhere to get it; no one is more powerful than you because you can connect to the infinite Universe.

So, when I heal someone, we go through this, but we transform their delusions into truth; everything is energy, and all power can be changed.

A belief is an energy, and an idea is compelling and potent energy. For example, if you believe you’re weak and dumb, that’s a powerful energy that creates a limiting energy field around you.

Well, that’s energy. We can transform that limiting belief into all knowledge within. I have access to it at all times, and so do you.

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