The Real Power of Gratitude

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Please find out the Devastating Consequences of its Absence. Even Profound Healings Can Sometimes Reverse if One Foolishly Ignores these Principles.

I will start this article by saying the obvious: Love is what heals, and loves comes through the heart. That’s Obvious. Gratitude opens the seat for more love to flow. Thus the more powerful your gratitude, the stronger the love, and the more you heal and connect to the infinite source of Love.

I am always amazed at how fast grateful people heal. It is genuinely unique sometimes, regardless of condition.

The opposite is also true. This was a big revelation to me in my evolution as a healer. I’ll tell you a story. In my early stages of healing, I met a guy named “Ron.”

He owned a Yoga Studio where I happened to go and came up to me after a session which he instructed and said he had googled my name and was intrigued and wanted to have lunch.

I agreed.

Ron was a Yoga Master and quite wealthy. He had a private plane with a Hangar next to his house and the exclusive community, which had its mini- airport, where he lived.

Ron had told me that he had over-stretched his knees in some ambitious yoga poses, and it caused severe ligament damage that was quite painful.

He had traveled all over India… up to the Himalayas, to meet the Gurus and all he could find in search of having his knees healed. Previously he exhausted every chiropractor and orthopedist in the local area of the USA, looking for non-surgical answers, yet he could find none.

He explained this all to me over lunch. I explained in under two minutes how it works and how I work. He looked at me incredulously as I explained that the “Spirit of His Knee” had left, which is why it can’t repair itself. I can restore the spirit of the knee and energize the heart, and then the knee will correct itself.

He was in pain, so he said he would be grateful, but I could see he both doubted something so simple to work, yet he was wise enough and spiritual enough not to let his doubt block my efforts and followed to the “T” I instructed him to do.

I went ahead and did the process and gave him simple instructions. He left, saying he felt tingles, but nothing much had changed. I further explained what he must do in his mind and body for it to work. He listened and followed through.

That night he sent me a text to tell me it hurt and that energy was moving, which was pretty painful. The following day he sent an elated text saying his knee felt great and there was no pain! Wooo Hooo!

At the time, I was flat broke, carless, living in a small studio, and sweating every time the rent was due. We never agreed on fees, so it was inappropriate to ask for monetary compensation, yet I did ask him for a testimonial. He wholeheartedly agreed.

He later sent me one line, “Thanks, Ed, my knee feels great!”

I responded and asked for more details on his story of all the Orthopedic Specialists and Indian Gurus he sought help with to help all understand the breadth of his case.

He said, “No problem, sure!” Three days later, nothing arrived. I sent a gentle reminder. Five days later… still nothing! Eight days later… nothing… I sent him a more potent reminder, but it was ignored!

Ten days later, Ron texts me… “Ed, the Knee Pain Came Back!”

Did I ask my angels why? Their simple response: “Lack of Gratitude”!

I was reminded that promises and agreements that involve higher celestial energy are soul agreements.

Thus, when one breaks them, the benefits afforded them from such higher energy can also dissipate/reverse and be cut off.

Several other credible Spiritual Healers I know and trust, and I trust very few, confirmed that this was their experience with demanding/dishonorable/ungrateful clients.

Love is what heals, and passion comes through the heart. Gratitude opens the heart and allows that to flow and the potential for healing to occur. So simple, yet the mind often is in control, especial when there are evil/dark influences on it.

Soul Healer

In another case, a dear lady from Northern Europe whom I will call “Cathy.” She had massive demons on her. She described how, at night, they would come to sit on her while she slept and terrify her. Her husband said that he could see and feel their eyes on him at night when he would go to the restroom.

This was a severe case as dealing with Powerful Cosmic Demons from Outer Dimensions with an apparent vendetta can be Quite Challenging and Life-Threatening for any healer.

When Cathy called me, she sounded like a terrified child with a snake around her neck. Shivering, scared, and afraid to get off the phone with me, she was around 50 years old. Old.

This case took all my focus for several weeks. I would clear the demons, only to have them return, which meant a deeper karmic connection between them. With the assistance of a Master Psychic named Greg, who saw the karmic connection, he described it as quite an ugly and disturbing scenario which Cathy said “made sense” based on her experience.

I then had enough information to break that connection and removed the demon on a 3-way call with Greg in New York, I in Florida, and Cathy in Northern Europe. In that crescendo of a moment of massive confrontation, as the Demons’ Identity had been revealed and could hide no longer, I went to remove. There was a struggle .. a force of wills, and then a release. Then the phone lines went dead, Greg was knocked off his chair literally, and I felt a huge impact!

Feeling very weak and drained, I slept for 15 hrs. and barely had the strength to urinate. I thought I would never heal again literally and canceled all appointments for a few days.

The result was that she was cleared and “healed” of this karmic connectedkarmic-connected Cosmic Demon.

Cathy thanked me profusely and was cleared of this situation for “good.” Months went by, and all was fine. Cathy referred me to one of her friends; I’ll call Ira, who, like a pitiful few, feels a “spiritual” person means they can be abused and be lashed out because they are “spiritual” will, in Martin Milquetoast fashion, passively sit back and will take abuse and smile and turn the other cheek.

Well, this blithering idiot learned in real time that this doesn’t fly with me, and she got the very deserved and appropriate, highly energized response back in her face with an impact that she will remember for a lifetime.

My angels have applauded me because “I don’t let stupid humans weaken me,” as many healers do, often making that fatal mistake and paying dearly for it.

Cathy took issue with this, unfriended me on Social Media, and “secretly” spoke, did not try to defend or restrain Ira, rible about me regarding this. She did not try to protect or control, .and did not try to defend or hold control of Ira, her close friend. Well, this break in gratitude and honor had a consequence she wasn’t ready for. The veil of protection she got from me was rescinded, unbeknownst to me at the conscious level, as I had no idea.

Then Cathy, an experienced Equestrian with several horses, was recently thrown from her horse and in critical condition at a hospital. I was alarmed and sent a gift and chocolates immediately without checking.

Then I checked and saw her honor and gratitude for me were broken. She learned the hard way about gratitude, appreciation, and recognition as the veil of protection was died by her dishonor and a,s the demons could now get to her again. She paid the excruciating price with a big lesson attached to it. They entered the mind/soul of the horse and caused the fall! Not uncommon.

Few people realize that the “Heavens” is always watching/connected. All actions are recorded akashically, and nothing goes unnoticed no matter how quietly she thought she whispered.

The Universe teaches hard lessons to those who need it as it’s the Universe’s way of waking people up when more gentle ways don’t sink in.

People too often read fairy tales of Prophets like Jesus walking around healing by waving his hand and healing people voluntarily and expect the same thing from 21st-century people. I must have heard “Jesus never charged money” more times than Miami Beach has grains of sand.

They mostly get these fantasy stories from their churches and “Holy Books,” which they repeat repeatedly. In the military, they call this brainwashing. In the Churches, they call it “Faith.”

Now don’t get me wrong. Jesus is real. He appeared to me in my mid-20s and was what caused me, as an atheist at the time, to become a full-on Born Again Christian for 15 years or so.

The details of this will be described in future writings.

Knowing Jesus is accurate, and the web of stories around him are huge falsifications created by the dark side to hide the truths he was bringing. This is why 99.99 % of Priests, Pastors, Nuns, etc. I couldn’t heal a sick bird from 5 feet away.

The fact that these Holy Books and Churches, on a percentage basis, very rarely heal is clear evidence of myths as they don’t ever heal. In the rare cases where they do, it’s simply that a particular person has higher cosmic connections, as it’s not about the teachings. Otherwise, everyone with those same teachings would heal, and clearly—high-lively, they don’t.

Truth and love are required to heal, land, evel love. To sacrifice, even risking one’s life, is a prime example, no different than a parent with a child or the excellent standard Jesus, Socrates, and many others who gave their lives typically see.

We are not talking about the romantic and fantasy love crapola people typically see on TV or the “Airy Fairy” teachings spread by soft-spoken “Spiritual Teachers” who have no healing power. That’s what most people,e however, equate with love and spirituality,y which explains the high rate of divorces, conflicts, confusion, etc.

One of the most vivid lessons of ingratitude came from a client with Parkinson’s. She was suicidal and in real pain. Long story short, after a couple of intense weeks, she healed. It was very challenging.

This lady was from eastern Europe and very, very cerebral.

Analyzing was analyzing everything. She would listen and shut her mind when I commanded her with a solid military-like voice. If that’s what works, that’s what I do.

She could now speak smoothly, no more jitters, and her confidence and life force returned. She all smiled. She wrote a considerable testimonial and would send me warm thank-you letters weekly.

Then she talked to a “Medical Expert Friend” of high “Authority” who didn’t believe in spiritual healing and told her “she was conned!”. “It was a placebo effect and would wear off,” he said! Sadly, she was weak enough to believe him. Guess what happened!? Yes! Her stuttering and shivering came right back! Her mind thought him who “unhealed,” and she unhealed!

She somehow missed the critical point I explained to her many times; that her mind and body must be aligned with the universe and her soul. Then anything can heal. Break that alignment, and one can get weak and sick again, no different than a hospital patient unplugging, breaking the connection of their life support machine.

Few understand this higher dimensional spectrum and want to believe it’s like car repair, where if they have their transmission repaired and it fails within a warranty period, they can just come back and get a new one or a refund of some kind. Their thoughts and actions will have no consequences. Thoughts are potent forces. Few understand this.

I try to filter these types of lower consciousness before investing and risk myself in healing them. I am not always successful.

I at least always make sure they least read that they must bear full responsibility for their healing and become accountable. It doesn’t always sink in.

The “Heavens” tells me children need to digest small, simple bites and aren’t always ready to take on responsibility for their lives and so they must learn through some hard lessons. Many want to play it “safe” and not risk hardship and difficulty and put all the responsibility on someone else, so they have someone to blame just in case.

Thus the reality is, Gratitude is Essential. Honor is Essential. Break that Soul agreement, and one can break the Celestial Connections that aided them.

It’s a rare case that healing is reversed. In over 1000 cases, I can use my ten fingers to count them with some left over. Most people have a more profound sense of honor and gratitude and realize the sacrifice, sometimes with their life that healer takes, yet there are always a few that create the examples for the rest to learn from.

KK ey also needs to understand that everyone has free will. A person can drive straight out of a car wash and into the mud. They have free choice to do so. Of course, if they then say the car wash “didn’t work,” people would laugh at their ignorance.

Well, it’s no different with healing. If people return to their bad habits and poor choices, the same is possible. Most are wise enough not to, yet they always have free will to choose. Who knows? Maybe that was their soul’s mission in this lifetime – to play the fool so others can learn.

In another very demonstrative example, I had a well-known “Lawyer Type” whom I’ll call “Orange.” Orange was suing the US Government over the loss of rights due to the Patriot Act and other rescinded rights of the American Citizen.

She was subsequently poisoned covertly and cursed by a Master Sorceror of Very High Satanic Allegiance as, at the time, I had never seen such a powerful curse and invisible poison. It was clear that they wanted her dead and in pain and misery on the way. You can probably guess who was behind it.

The case made the headlines, and I posted on Social Media that if anyone could connect to her, I would heal her for free as I admired her efforts. In a short time, we made contact; I told her in clear writing my terms that included a testimonial which she agreed, and there would be no fee. She agreed.

Within the 1st session, nearly two very intense hours, her soul was restored, the poison was transformed into inert elements curse removed, and she felt much better than she had in months. We talked the next day casually; she was smiling, conversing, and returning to “normal.”

With her wits back and out of pain, Orange said in a very “lawyer-like fashion” that she would withhold the testimonial to make sure I was sincere, and she would have to check me out further before she gave me her public endorsement.

I reminded her of the simple agreement, and she claimed again, in a very “lawyer-like fashion, deal,” that she was in distress and didn’t have time to read the agreement and thus should not be held to it. I was incredulous! Again after risking my life on many levels, this happens! I laughed at the very sound; I -educated fool. I told her we were knowe; I wanted nothing to do with her.

I think you already the what happened to her condition!? Yep, the pain came right back, and she learned her lesson, and the “Devil had its way with her.” Her legal stances and high IQ couldn’t help her here. A more dishonorable person I have yet to see. The universe teaches these people without exception.

Comparing her is no comparison to the many dear souls who keep their honor and not only stay healed but ascend to greater heights as the higher one’s gratitude is, the higher one rises and draws in more love and energy of Love, Life, and Light, which is what heals.

Combine great Gratitude with Higher Love and Truth, which will defeat darkness/evil, remove any disease or demon, and create powerful energy for one to ascend upon. Proper keeping of agreements is also crucial, and honor has been lost in many, but indeed not all, parts of this fast-moving world.

The angelic realms, however, require it; this is why they teach us these powerful lessons, for which I am forever thankful.

In the Spirit of Love, Life, and Light from the highest realms

Aligned with Grandmaster Melchizedek and his high priests; Lord Krishna, Babaji, Jesus Christ, Lao Tsu, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Zoroaster, Chief Apache, Xiangshu, Lady Ayahuasca, and many other great Masters, Angels, and Prophets, including Raymon Grace, Nikola Tesla, Master Sha, on all planets, star systems and universes in all dimensions aligned with the highest levels of love and principles; I am forever honored and thankful.

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