The Keys to Feeling Vibrant Energy Again

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The Keys to Feeling Vibrant Energy Again

Many here talking about health and feeling vibrant. Most discuss it in terms of food and exercise and surely those things can help. However, as you probably already know, there are people who do all those things and feel terrible, and people who don’t do any and feel great.

Clearly, there is usually much more to the story

Breatharians, ie. people who don’t eat “food”, most of whom are extremely vibrant have learned how. This concept leaves most nutritionists and supplement sellers speechless.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who feel really tired far too often. Chronic fatigue, Adrenal Exhaustion, Burnout, and other terms are often used to describe this. Most MDs write about how stress causes this. Nutritionists will tell you it’s more supplements.

Rarely is that the case in my observation. Stress is an easy out. Without stress, we die. It’s a normal part of life and it’s not the reason. Read on and you will see.

I see these situations all the time. MDs, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, and other Healers often come to me for help. Their standards and tests fix only the basic issues yet often don’t reveal the real underlying causes which are almost always at the spiritual level. At this level, none of their blood tests, muscle tests, kinesiology, etc are applicable.

Yes, the mind is powerful. Positively and negatively as well. Your spirit has power over your mind, yet only if you know how to use it, and most simply don’t. Most give away their power to religions and other prophecies.

If you notice, all the Prophets, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Abraham etc.. without exception, never once said to follow a book, church or religion. Most preachers and churches don’t want you to know that.

When a person comes to me for help, the first thing I do is measure their body’s “vibrational” level. I do it psychically so of course it’s open to criticism, but then, what isn’t? Critics never perform miracles. That’s more than a hint. I do them regularly.

This vibrational level tells me a lot. It tells me

1) If they have evil ( curses, evil spirits, entities, demons, hexes etc ?

2) How Healthy?

3) How weighed down by trapped emotions they are ?

4) How in tune with the Universal Energy Field they are? Some people like to call that GOD by the way.

5) How well balanced they are. Often, I see people are just too heady and goal driven and this causes a big imbalance in their energy as they ignore/suppress areas of importance and thus get out of balance.

People really into personal development often suffer from this.

Regardless, just understand that your body always has the intelligence to heal yet may not always have the energy to do so. There may be blocks to it and that’s why our energy gets stuck.

What I do to heal and restore a person’s vitality is

1) Remove the obstacles ( evil, trapped emotions, etc) regardless of what they are.

2) Get one’s energy body aligned with the Universal Energy Field.

This means their magnetic polarity and body frequency all must be optimized.

All of this is done in conjunction with the person. I teach you how to do it yourself after a few sessions.

Then Health and Vibrance can be and is usually restored again.

The one exception to this is when a person has deep karma to deal with. That issue must be resolved in their own soul 1st before they can be healed. In but 2-3% of the cases, I see this.

In a short 20 minute consultation, I can quickly check your vibrational levels and other essential things and let you know what I find. This can shed a lot of light on the cause of whatever issue you may be suffering from.

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