Recently a former Australian Client came to Chat with me and told me of a great thing she discovered. She recently joined an Ashram, and they instructed her to take a sacred geometry, “reverse” it, and put it on her head chakra to connect to excellent dimensions and energy frequencies.

Immediately, I asked her the initials of the person who taught her this and the name of the Ashram itself. Both had low vibrations, significantly quieter than average.

Measuring vibrations is the fastest way to detect how “ bright and energized” something is and how much “love, life, and light” versus darkness and deceptive energy.

It is done only through the heart and a solid universal connection instead of investigating and looking for information, records, clues, etc., the way the mind does. The mind can be fooled. The Universe cannot.

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I told her this. She was shocked. She asked me to double-check. So I did and got the same results. I am certainly not known for being overly diplomatic as I usually prioritize higher truth over people’s lower sensitivities as that serves them in a higher form, albeit maybe not always so comfortable at the moment.

I explained that by doing this on her crown chakra, she willingly implants opinion into a tracking device from higher dimensions and voluntarily subjects herself to psychic control, attacks, and worse.

The fact that they didn’t alert or inform of this shows apparent deception at work and dark forces masquerading as higher teachings and spirituality.

As with all deception, there is a short-term “good feeling” of “energy “ and local confirmation/ social conformity by others who have done this.

I had to remind her that through our work from which she healed, she connected to higher dimensions of love. No clubs, religions, holy books, etc., are needed. She recovered and could feel the love and healing vibrations, her confirmation of truth.

I understand the need for social groups, yet awakening and evolving your soul can only be done by you directly.

It’s not a group effort, yet weaker souls who need guidance and comraderies often look for this and thus find themselves in religions, clubs, cults, churches, etc., with tricks and deceptions that are very cleverly crafted.

It’s a lesson for all of us. Now I recognize this stuff. I would not have been caught in the same trap ten years ago. It’s 2022, and time to awaken. Awaken means recognizing your power, connecting to all that is, and discerning between truth and deception.

I can detect these and other negative energies and help YOU remove them.

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