The Bringer of Light

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Light represents knowledge. I can use knowledge to hurt you, I can use knowledge to deceive you, I can use knowledge to trick you, and I can use knowledge to control you… However, if there’s love, and I have loved working for you, I’m interested in your highest and best interest. That’s real love.

The presence of love and light is the differentiator, and you can see that in their eyes and their heart. You can feel if someone has your best and highest interest in mind or not. Love is the differentiator, not light.

So many healers out there call themselves, ‘light workers”, “yeah… we bring to light” blah… bla… bla… And often, when I tune in to people, other healers, I tune in to their vibrations.

Love has much higher vibrations than just light. And Love and Light have potent vibrations. So I can sense that, and then I know. So, be very careful when you hear about lightworkers working with light. That means nothing. That could mean they are working right with the devil… witchcraft, and so forth.

So, that’s the reality, the quickest way to understand. And to differentiate between what’s good for you and what’s not is feel if there is Love.

People want to think, “Oh… its full of light” Lucifer, just another name for Satan, literally means “bringer of the light” It means an illuminated object. It’s what Lucifer means. So when someone calls you a light worker, or calls himself a light worker, be careful… because all that means is light, but love is a differentiator.


Witchcraft is quite powerful and in some countries, it’s called black magic. By using some of their methods, they can create negative energy fields around people.

A negative energy field is something that they can put around you that will repel what you want and attract what you don’t want. It will block your love, block your heart energy, and make you sad, depressed and suicidal. This is what negative energy fields do. They can do hexes, or spells, and they can put it on your soul and that’s a curse.

And a curse on your soul means it goes from lifetime to lifetime. So I had a curse from past lifetimes. And the way they curse you is they put it on your soul, and they use horrific methods.

One of the ways master sorcerers curse, they take children, terrorize them by literally coming in, ripping out their heart, with no anesthesia. They take that terrorized blood which the dark angels love. The satanic ceremonies you hear about include taking the blood from these children and pouring it around a person’s picture and then they call in the dark angels to hurt this person.

That’s a curse on your soul and it’s governed by these dark angels, lifetime to lifetime. Dark angels live hundred thousands of years. They have lifetimes. You have a lifetime, 60 to 80 years.

So, they can watch you, they have energy on you and you get cursed throughout generations, what we call “generational curse”. That’s how it’s done. This is under “The cloak of secrecy”.

Loyalty for Wealth and Power

In reality, all the high-ranking government officials are participating in witchcraft. And often, they will not get accepted. You hear a lot about these secret societies. George Bush, Skull and Bones, Freemasonry, Shriners, Opus Day…

They all do Satanic rituals to vow and demonstrate loyalty to their master, Lucifer, in exchange for their wealth and power. Few get to be super wealthy without expressing their devotion.

How they Control the Public

Mind control is massive. They have satellites that beam mind control waves that make the public apathetic. It also affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland affects metabolism. This is why America has so many fat people. Their thyroid glands are not so active and are malfunctioning, so they gain a lot of weight.

Everyone thinks it’s the additives in the food… No. It’s the mind control waves affecting the thyroid. Mind control comes through the TV, primarily through these HD TVs.

Soon they’ll put in the cellphone transmitting towers, and so forth. To numb you, dumb you down, and death, fate the pineal gland. And they know exactly what frequencies will do that. This is the reality of what they’re doing.

So, in the Satanic rituals, no one gets to be a candidate until they vow certain things. So, the fact that George Bush and John Kerry came from the Skull and Bones should be no mystery.

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