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Energy healing and the 6th Sense


Track 1 – Why Learn Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense?

Track 2 – The benefits of learning this

Track 3 – Spiritual connections

Track 4 – Directing your spiritual focus

Track 5 – Baby rabbits – an experiment

Track 6 – Psychics

Track 7 – The new age controversy

Track 8 – What blocks most people from learning this?

Who Is This For?


✔️ If you Want Better Health

✔️ If you Want More Happiness and Joy

✔️ If you Want Deeper and more Fulfilling Relationships

✔️ If you Want a Better Understanding of the Mysteries of their Life

✔️ Knowing what Their Dreams mean

✔️ If you Want To Relieve the Anguish they have in Certain Circumstances

✔️ If you want to relieve the pain from past traumas in your life

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Healing Genius

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