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Natural Influences On Healing

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Meet Ed Strachar

An Electronics Engineer from The State University of NY, Inventor of an Electronic Communications Chip used in Satellites NASA and Military Systems by NATO.

Ed Strachar specializes in helping people awaken their life force and align their vibrational energies to the universe, and has become a renowned name in alternative healing. From the comfort of his home, Strachar assists individuals in their journey towards holistic well-being, primarily through platforms such as Zoom or Facebook chat.

For those who haven’t yet heard of him, Ed Strachar’s list of cases healed is nothing short of astonishing. These cases span a wide spectrum – from healing dying orphans in Asia, to doctors with Stage IV cancer. Bad Knees, Backs, Hips and more are all included as Ed has helped numerous clients avoid costly joint replacement surgery and more. Working at the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels gives great added power to accelerate the body’s autonomic Healing Abilities from within.

Ed has taught at the US AIR FORCE ACADEMY, USMA at West Point, The US NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL, IBM, XEROX, HP and 12 Countries Worldwide.