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Ed Strachar is a powerful elite healer specializing in awakening life force and reviving the body’s natural ability to heal. His methods go beyond conventional treatments, offering transformative solutions that address the root causes of mental and physical ailments. 🌿

Unlock Your Healing Potential with Ed Strachar’s Healing Genius System:

Ed has healed thousands of people worldwide, often within minutes, through remote sessions over the internet or phone. His incredible healings include transforming depression, chronic fatigue, low energy, and dark energy into love, health, and vitality. ✨

“Infinite energy is available to you at all times, You just need to learn how to better connect to it.” – Ed Strachar

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Experience the power of healing through testimonials of real individuals. Witness remarkable transformations and learn how this course can revolutionize your life.

“I felt better, had more energy & learned techniques that I know work. I feel like a new person, the best version of myself in a long time. I’ve learned techniques that I know will support me for the rest of my life and I’m very grateful for having found him.”

—Dr. Wendy McFalda, Doctor of Osteopathy & Dermatologist, USA

“Now moving on with “detachment”, and feeling spirit being restored and many old burdens from relationships and other failure being erased , slowly but surely my energy and optimism for a life filled with Win Win situations are coming back.

—Mogens Allan Neilsen
Veterinarian, Denmark

“At the end of the session, I was fully energized, stiffness and pain were gone, my head was clear and my whole body was vibrating with love and happiness. I could feel the waves of warmth flowing through my body even when the session was done.

— Ivana Lacko, Trainor, Consultant, Croatia

“It was a life-saving experience. Since then, my life has taken off in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Ed’s techniques are direct, powerful, and far from nonsense. He’s a no-bullshit guy with an enormous heart.

—Diana Dentiger
Neurobiologist, Italy

“We spent a considerable amount of time working on how to control fears, increase energy and remaining focused and calm regardless of all external pressures. I have felt stronger, energized, more confident, centered and balanced in all areas of life.

—Dr. Shan Hussain,
Medical Doctor, UK

I felt lighter and experienced a shift in my heart. This week, my blood pressure dropped to 110/70, surprising my doctor and leading me to credit Ed’s energy work. We are truly blessed to have such a gifted healer here

— Karen Rothstein, Former School Principal


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🌟Overcoming Bad Knees, Backs & Other Orthopedic Issues Naturally

A New Path to Mobility! Explore transformative healing techniques that renew strength and alleviate pain without surgery. This program goes beyond traditional orthopedic care, offering a journey that revitalizes your entire being. Discover holistic methods to alleviate joint pain and enhance mobility, achieving enduring health. Engage in innovative techniques and spiritual insights that empower you to transform your health and extend wellness to others. 

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Ed Strachar is a renowned Remote Distance Healer specializing in awakening life force and reviving the body’s natural ability to heal. His exceptional healing abilities have touched thousands worldwide, transforming depression, chronic fatigue, and dark energy into love, health, and vitality within minutes, remotely through internet chat or phone.

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Message from Ed:


In my lifelong journey as a healer and guide, I’ve been honored to walk alongside countless individuals on their path to vibrant health, spiritual awakening, and profound transformation. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the incredible capacity within each of us to heal, grow, and live our lives to the fullest.

As a practitioner of remote distance healing, I’ve witnessed extraordinary healings, from restoring vitality to dispelling dark energies and guiding souls toward love and abundance.

I firmly believe that authentic healing encompasses the totality of our being—mind, body, and spirit. This guiding principle has informed my work through healing sessions, energy transformations, and spiritual awakenings, resulting in profound shifts and breakthroughs for my clients worldwide.

I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey through the Healing Genius System. Together, we’ll explore the depths of spiritual healing, unlock your innate potential, and awaken the healer within you.

Let’s harness the boundless power of the Universe for holistic well-being and vibrant living.

With gratitude and blessings,
Ed Strachar