How to Heal Knees and Shoulder Pain Naturally

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 A California Guy comes to me recently for a Consultation.

He is what I term a “Motivational Seminar Junkie” type. You know.. a “Winners never Quit “ , Go Go Go !! .. “Live with Passion! “ type ..

He is well above average intelligence, Graduated from the Air Force Academy where I once taught, and is clearly high net worth.

He has shoulder and knee issues, among other things, which he attributes to his many years of playing sports and sacrificing his body when needed. He is now in his late 40s, single and also has very low sexual energy which is what bothered him and why he came to me.

Not so typical.

His two brothers are both Medical Doctors as well, so he is equipped with all the medical answers, alternatives etc and sees himself as a leading edge upper echelon guy!

Beyond that, he has read many spiritual books, understands the mathematics of the universe and has some sophisticated knowledge that few understand.

I tell him he has curses and demons on him draining his soul and creating a negative energy field around him and less than 50 % of his soul’s strength remaining which is why his body is breaking down .

I also share that despite his vast knowledge and intelligence, everything is energy and his energy is low and dark and thus his vast knowledge has not helped him there.

I then tell him my fee if he wants my help.

He responds by lambasting me ! A tirade of how I am filled with trickery and using this to get money from people and how my fees are way too high etc etc.

Then he continues to tell me how he is too strong and no curse can affect him as he knows his own power etc etc.

I have heard this many times. Nothing new. I wished him well and move on.

A few days later he comes to me and says he wants to start .. as he had a long talk with a good friend who is also client of mine.

We do our 1st Session and His Knees, Shoulder , Sexual Energy and other Health Issues come back to close to full strength as I restore his soul to full strength and illuminate his body with higher dimensional healing energy or what some call “Universal Love”.

As with most Military Grads, he followed my instructions exactly and did really well.

Now he tells me he loves me LOL and is so thankful. I tell him I want to listen in on the call to his Medical Brothers when he tells them “this Guy Ed restored his knees and Shoulder Through a 1 Hour Skype Call”.

Yes. This is the reality for many. Few Know what’s possible.

It’s hidden knowledge for most. The Current Medical Establishment, as he acknowledged, knowing his brothers, will discount if not outright attack and attempt to discredit me and people like me with cures and true healing using no drugs, surgery etc and certainly not operating within their control.

Many people await for it this level of healing to come through some “certified organization” not realizing that once that happens, that organization will have been compromised and the effect will be significantly watered down.

The medical establishment is blocked from any significant alternative therapy yet uses some watered down things just so they can pacify their naïve patients and appear to be progressive by offering “conventional and alternative therapies”.

True Healing is Available to All with the will and Discipline to make some changes.

It would be wise for you to awaken soon my friends. is available for those Who Are Ready.

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