How to Become a Powerful Spiritual Healer


Another Remote Healer asked my Advice on how to Become a Powerful Healer. I decided to make my answer available to all.

The Answer.. is actually what most people don’t want to hear:

Typically, they want to learn Healing Techniques from a real “Brand Name” ancient holy land/tribe, receive a pre-printed Notebook, maybe a Demonstration Video, and a weekend course for $200-$300, complete with donuts, coffee breaks, and lots of hugs.

Upon completion, they wildly celebrate their “profound” new healing skills that are certified with that stiffened piece of paper reserved for special events they receive at the end embossed with their name printed in big fancy fonts that they can proudly show all who enter their domain.

They have learned about angels, chakras, how to use the colors of the rainbow, and the correct pronunciation and ancient Sanskrit meaning of the word “namaste'”!

They cry tears of joy at their tremendous achievement and make sure all their friends, neighbors, and social network contacts know of their newfound healing prowess. A few of those papers make them “Master” healer that brings “awe” from their peers, as they now are “expert” who can write books and give speeches and many of them do.

Until of course, they take on a tough case that brings them to their knees and in secret, they come running to me and beg for help and double beg me to keep it quiet.

SO Now the Real Way to Build Healing Power: First and foremost, you have to be willing to Risk Your Life. Period. You have to be willing to take on Satan, the Devil, Dark Angels, and their weapons which with any moderately serious case, you will in no short order. Nothing less will suffice.

When you attempt to rescue a soul from the grips of this intense evil, usually in the form of sickness, disease, depression, weakness, suicidal thoughts, and/or addictions, this evil adeptly fills your head with vivid images of death, destruction and mutilation of you and your loved ones’ heads and genitals or worse. You must then smile and keep going go straight at them. NO Certificate/Healing Course is needed to do that and none will help you do that either.

Fail that test and you are a likely candidate for a terminal disease, stroke /heart attack, serious car accident, or another evil attack. Be unwilling to take that on and you fall back into the mainstream WEAK & FLAKY HEALERS CLUB (WFHC) which has millions of members and is growing rapidly. The Universal Call Tag “NAMASTE”” is their membership signal.

If YOU PASS, Only then does evil back down and not before. You need the VICIOUS DESIRE to make the hunters become the hunted… the tormentors be tormented, enjoy stuffing the dark angels’ faces square into hardened cement, and watch the bone fragments of their nose float away in their blue blood and make them pay.

Nothing less than that attitude and “Force of Will” will remove their powerful curses, entities, hexes, sorcery, demons, spells, ghosts, agents, etc..

Anything less than and they typically will engulf the healer with their force and now the healer has the “evil” on them which both weakens them and worse, gets spread to all their clients. Thus many healers actually carry evil which often weakens them, inhibits their prosperity, and causes them to be quite weak quite often as they sit and appear very broken and disheveled under their Wall of Certificates.

That’s why most healers are broke and weak themselves. Look at the WFHC members around you and you will quickly see what I mean.

In addition, to significantly increase your healing power, you must understand the Astrophysics of the Universe and the Real Evolution of Mankind; not the fairy tales that most of mankind follows These are all authored by the dark forces, many with high and wealthy positions and referred to as the “Elite”, to keep mankind in the dark and in the dark most people are.

These blind souls are also easily spotted absorbing TV/Mass Media and thinking they are getting the news, feel intelligent and informed and following special “holy books” and teachings, and going to buildings on weekends that have fancy windows thinking they are becoming “holy” themselves.

One like me, quickly sees many diseased peopled going to these places and not getting healed and the heads of them, also having their own significant troubles. Couple that with their own inability to heal their constituents and I quickly see just how “holy” they are and how much actual truth is in their teachings.

Even worse, the blind folks buy those books written by these “best selling” authors who are so “spiritual” .. the ones that actually have had a “spiritual encounter” once or twice!? They are often on TV/Radio and talk of love and peace with a soft voice yet they couldn’t heal a slightly sick bird from 5 feet away. They can, however, express articulate prose about how to do it for hours.

They have a lot of nice “feel good” content that you can learn and this gives you plenty of topics and sound bites to use at cocktail parties, yoga studios, the new age book stores, and even at the higher-end crystal shops. They talk about healing with “white light” and love and embracing evil, not opposing it.

I personally really like these types as they make great customers and come to me often as those techniques don’t work so well.

Real truth has real power and people with real power have the real truth. Use that standard to judge healers and the “best selling” Authors, Speakers, Pastors, and Priests and you will see just how much truth they have, and almost always it’s immeasurably small.

Learn the Universal Truths about your own makeup and structure including DNA, Galactic Energy Fields, the Angelic Orders, Energy Frequencies and Vibrations, the True Laws of the Universe as well as How to attain Spiritual Authority so you can “command” the spirit of disease to leave and restore the Spirit of Health to return. Then and only then will you significantly increase your power to heal.

With that, a healer who takes on moderate cases and stronger and plans on living needs to be able to survive relentless evil attacks by the dark angels and their land-based sorcerers/witches and other agents who don’t like it when you rescue someone from their vices and remove their dark webs of control, disease and fear in the form of evil.

They aim to kill, maim and impoverish healers who do such things. The first time I exorcised a possessed lovely young girl, I was run over by a truck 2 days later and the possessor made it very clear she entered the mind of that driver and guided him to do so. Another time my finances were attacked in the most clever of ways.

What you will typically find with most healers, is they do almost none of these essential items to develop power and soon they carry evil on them, and inevitably they do, they are impoverished and weak and can’t understand why.

What they hardly ever do is take on evil and win. That’s where I come in.

They come running to me far too often. Yet I am almost never invited to their Online Forums and Events. I wonder why?

You see friends, Einstein got it.. and when he said “Those who can’t explain it simply, don’t understand it well enough”. This is quite simple. Not easy, but simple.

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