Discover How To Eliminate Distractions, Sharpen Your Focus, & Awaken Your Genius

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7 Audio Sections

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Audio CD 1

Track 1 – Overcoming Obstacles
Track 2 – The Goal Of This Program
Track 3 – It’s Time To Awaken
Track 4 – An Experience In Southeast Asia
Track 5 – What Stops Us – The Critic
Track 6 – The Zone
Track 7 – Another Aspect Of The Critic
Track 8 – Some Exercises

Audio CD 2

Track 1 – A Realistic Look At Your External Obstacles
Track 2 – Learning From Native Americans
Track 3 – The Power In Sitting Quietly
Track 4 – Most Peoples’ Leaders Are Television Producers
Track 5 – The Messages That Bombard Us
Track 6 – Real Freedom
Track 7 – The Difference Between Meditation And Prayer
Track 8 – A Meditation

Audio CD 3

Track 1 – Problems Make You Stronger
Track 2 – Ed’s Invention
Track 3 – Getting Your Emotions Involved
Track 4 – Working Backwards
Track 5 – Every Problem Has A Solution
Track 6 – What You Focus On Magnifies
Track 7 – Time Distortion
Track 8 – Mental Compression

Audio CD 4

Track 1 – Eliminating Judgment
Track 2 – An Analogy
Track 3 – Keys To Learning
Track 4 – Driving These Points Home – A Story
Track 5 – More On Curiosity And Frustration
Track 6 – Breaking Habits
Track 7 – Changing The Picture Inside Your Head
Track 8 – An Exercise

Audio CD 5

Track 1 – A Quick Review
Track 2 – The Body’s Energy System
Track 3 – Spiritual Energy
Track 4 – Power And Ground
Track 5 – An Exercise
Track 6 – What Is An Energy Block
Track 7 – Benefits Of Cleaning The Blocks
Track 8 – Attachments
Track 9 – It’s Not What You Have To Do More Of, It’s What You Have To Do Less Of

Audio CD 6

Track 1 – A Question To Ponder
Track 2 – Options And Labels
Track 3 – To Have Everything Is To Possess Nothing’
Track 4 – Blocks At The Spiritual Level
Track 5 – Surrounding Yourself With People Of Higher Vibrations
Track 6 – Remote Viewing
Track 7 – Steps To ‘seeing’ Out Of Your Third Eye
Track 8 – Ross’s Story

Audio CD 7

Track 1 – Steps To Prepare For An Event
Track 2 – Begin With The End In Mind
Track 3 – Reflections With Dr. Steven Halpern
Track 4 – Forces That Guide And Steer Our Minds
Track 5 – The Knowledge To Make Good Decisions
Track 6 – Trust How Your Body Feels
Track 7 – Making Big Decisions


Lesson 1 – Your Ability To Learn Is Unlimited
Lesson 2 – Internal Obstacles To Concentration
Lesson 3 – External Obstacles To Concentration
Lesson 4 – Power Of Meditation And Concentration
Lesson 5 – Creativity And Concentration: Ideas And Inventions
Lesson 6 – Creativity And Concentration: Problem Solving
Lesson 7 – Learning At Ultra Speed
Lesson 8 – Learning At Ultra Speed: Getting The Picture
Lesson 9 – Human Energy System
Lesson 10 – Clearing The Blocks, Discovering The Magic
Lesson 11 – Sixth Sense: Healing, Clairvoyance And Pinpoint Intuition
Lesson 12 – Third Eye
Lesson 13 – Competitions, Tests, Big Events: Thoughts And Reflections
Lesson 14 – Making Deadly Accurate Decisions

Have you ever wondered how much easier life would be if you stayed focused on one thing at a time until it’s complete?

Many times, we have so many demands on our time and so many distractions, that it seems too difficult to get anything done. If you’ve ever felt like throwing up your hands and saying “Enough!”, Mind Expert Ed Strachar can show you how to concentrate with such focus, you’ll be able to finish anything in at least half the time it normally takes.

Whether you’re trying to make more money, cope with stress, become a top athlete, find spiritual enlightenment, or something else, your ability to focus on a single task and see it through to completion is the most important element to success.

Magical Concentration will help you concentrate more effectively than you ever thought possible, and it doesn’t require you to do anything extra or put in a lot of effort. It’s about accomplishing more and doing far less than you’d imagine. Focus on any task with laser-like precision and get everything done in half the time!

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Focus on any task with laser-like precision and get everything done in half the time!

REGULARLY: $199.99

SAVE $122.99!


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