Healing Exhaustion & Chronic Fatigue Naturally


Solving the “Always Tired” Syndrome


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You have to remember that infinite energy/power is all around us, it is all around us, and if it’s not flowing through you it’s because it’s all blocked up or its being stolen/usurped by energy thieves.


So we have to clear the blockages and get rid of the thieves. Nutrition, yoga and organic food will do neither. Things like forgiveness, kindness and powerful energy exercises will. Forgiveness will unblock the heart, kindness will expand the heart as does gratitude can release some blockages.

Powerful and simple. This is what clears the heart meridian and the heart meridian is the biggest and the most powerful. Literally and electrically according to the heart math institute, the heart is a hundred thousand times the strength of the brain and the power of its electrical field, a hundred thousand. And five thousand times more powerful magnetically.

So, nutrition is not the answer. Understanding of higher energy and how to use higher energy to build your own energy is. That is what really is the answer. And this is where you can solve the “always tired syndrome” by removing the parasites, clearing the blockages, and connecting to this infinite energy field.

Clearing deeper blockages such as pent-up negative emotions, negative memories, heartache, trauma, rejection, family and relationship strife, etc takes more work at higher dimensions and is often a big cause of deeper blockages to our energy.What about the Energy Thieves?

Probably the least understood and most uncomfortable to discuss for most people including professionals in this field is the aspect of energy thieves. I will call them “evil”.

Evil comes in the form of evil spirits, evil entities, Demons, Witchcraft, Black Magic, Sorcery, Negative Soul Contracts False Angels Spirit Guides, etc.

These are hidden, usually invisible to the naked eye. You see evidence of them in horror movies etc yet many think it’s only the movies. It is not.

Over 95% of the people who come to me with some issue have these things and most have no idea. Physicians/Medical Doctors are usually totally clueless about them. I am not.

I was weighed down with so much of this and had no idea. I felt I was a good persona and reasonably kind etc.. and was very religious, being a Born Again Christian for 20 years.

Well, I had to wake up and learn. Everything started going wrong. My head was bombarded with negative imagery that would prevent me from working. Many of my business dealings would fall through for no apparent reason and yet I had no idea.

It wasn’t until one of my greatest teachers, Raymon Grace, not only exposed me to them but also had the power to clear them. Most healers simply lack the power to..and many healers don’t even acknowledge or understand them.

For me, it was a question of figuring this out or ending my life and I was very close to doing just that.

Evil not only drains your energy but also can create chaos, and disharmony throughout your body, mind, and environment. This is occult or hidden knowledge that few know and even fewer have the power to deal with as it’s at higher dimensions than most people know about or have access to.

When I remove the evil of people, often I will get attacked. No different than if one removes poisonous snakes from someone’s house.

Many volumes could be written here about this. I want to keep it simple. The key point is that by raising one’s vibrations and love, these things can be removed. The heavier and more entrenched they are, the more power is required to remove them.

Most healers, sorry to say, do not have this level of power nor even the vision to be able to sense them.

In my own experience, when I was having severe trouble and knew many reputed healers, none could solve my problem until I luckily found Raymon Grace.

He solved only part of the issues but it was 10X more than anyone else had .

I have had many many clients come to me, telling me of all the previous healers they have been to with only short-term slight positive effects at best until they work with me.

I am strict, serious, and determined as dealing with this evil is serious business.

Most healers are weak, sick, and broken themselves. This is mostly because they don’t know how to handle this side of the spiritual spectrum nor have the power to do so.

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