Unlocking Self-Healing Mastery: The Path to Vibrant Well-Being

Welcome to a life-changing experience with the Self-Healing Mastery Course, curated by the renowned elite healer, Ed Strachar.

Are you yearning to profoundly enhance your healing skills and invigorate not only your life but also the lives of others you encounter?

Do you aspire to connect with the deepest healing insights of the Spirit? Are you weary of transient solutions where improvement is fleeting, only to deteriorate once more?

Are you seeking comprehensive healing for the mind, body, and spirit?

This immersive program is not just a course; it’s a transformative journey designed to unlock the infinite power within you, revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit for a life filled with vitality and fulfillment.

About Ed Strachar: A Trailblazer in Healing and Empowerment

Ed Strachar is a renowned Remote Distance Healer specializing in awakening life force and reviving the body’s natural ability to heal. His exceptional healing abilities have touched thousands worldwide, transforming depression, chronic fatigue, and dark energy into love, health, and vitality within minutes, remotely through internet chat or phone.

Ed’s journey is marked by his diverse expertise, from being an Electronics Engineer to teaching at prestigious institutions like West Point, US Air Force Academy, and others. He’s also delved into chess, fastest reading techniques, and corporate training, showcasing his multi-faceted talents.

His Healing Genius® courses have benefited countless individuals globally, offering illuminating insights and empowering techniques for healing and transformation. Ed’s non-religious yet spiritually profound approach resonates with seekers worldwide, making him a beacon of hope and inspiration in the realm of healing and self-mastery.

“Infinite energy is available to you at all times, You just need to learn how to better connect to it.” – Ed Strachar

Self Healing Mastery Course: Ignite Your Inner Healing Power

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing? The Self Healing Mastery Course is your gateway to unlocking the infinite power within you, revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit for a life of vitality and fulfillment.

In this immersive program led by elite healer Ed Strachar, you’ll delve into seven powerful healing sessions designed to empower you with the knowledge and techniques to heal and energize every aspect of your being. From unlocking your body’s innate healing ability to mastering spiritual self-protection, this course covers a comprehensive range of topics to guide you on your healing journey.

Ed removes the evil and dark forces that few others dare to even acknowledge!

This groundbreaking transformational learning experience has been meticulously crafted to provide you with the information and knowledge you seek to revolutionize your life. When you register for the Self Healing Mastery Course, you’ll unlock exclusive access to a wealth of lessons that will empower you to:

  • Discover your body’s innate healing potential and unlock its natural power.

  • Silence your mind and let your soul guide you towards profound self-healing.

  • Understand perfect health as your inherent state and cultivate inner calm for optimal energy flow.

  • Explore energy transformation techniques to raise your vibrations and promote healing.

  • Gain insights into breaking free from limiting mindsets and connecting with your heart’s strength.

  • Navigate through different energies and frequencies for transformative healing.

  • Experience eye-opening experiments to understand universal vibrations and transform negative emotions.

  • Learn strategies to maintain your energy, protect it from external drains, and restore abundance.

  • Elevate your consciousness, expand vibrational frequencies, and access higher dimensions for inner harmony.

  • Master detachment, connect with higher energies, and navigate life challenges with love and purpose.

  • And much more!

Who is this for?

The Self-Healing Mastery Course by Ed Strachar is an immersive journey designed for individuals seeking holistic healing, spiritual growth, and profound transformation. It caters to those interested in energy healing, offering advanced techniques to raise vibrations, promote wellness, and align with their soul’s purpose. Whether you’re a health enthusiast prioritizing vitality and immunity or a seeker exploring self-discovery and inner harmony, this course provides a comprehensive toolkit for revitalizing mind, body, and spirit.

Ideal for professionals in the healing arts, spiritual seekers, and anyone ready for real transformations, the Self-Healing Mastery Course empowers individuals to unlock hidden potentials, navigate life’s challenges with resilience, and cultivate a life of vitality and fulfillment. With proven techniques, testimonials, and a supportive community, this course guides participants through a transformative journey of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment, welcoming all who are committed to personal growth and embracing the infinite power within.


The Self Healing Mastery Course stands out as a transformative journey unlike any other. Here’s why it’s uniquely powerful:

1. Elite Guidance: Led by world-renowned healer Ed Strachar, this course offers insights and techniques honed from decades of healing experience, ensuring you learn from the very best in the field.

2. Comprehensive Approach: Unlike traditional healing methods that focus solely on the body or mind, this course integrates spiritual healing, energy transformation, and vibrational alignment for holistic well-being.

3. Advanced Techniques: Dive deep into cutting-edge healing techniques such as pineal gland activation, chakra balancing, and energy revitalization, empowering you with profound tools for personal and professional growth.

4. Practical Application: Gain practical skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply in your healing practice or personal life, making a tangible difference in your overall well-being and understanding of self-healing.

5. Ongoing Learning: Access exclusive resources, updates, and continuing education opportunities to stay at the forefront of healing advancements and expand your healing capabilities over time.


This is a revolutionary program structured into 7 transformative lessons. Each lesson comprises comprehensive video training, practical experiential exercises, and additional resources to facilitate your journey toward self-healing and empowerment.

Lesson 1: Discover Your Inner Healing Potential

Unlock the natural healing power within you and understand the core of self-healing.

  • Fully grasp your body’s innate ability to heal itself.
  • Learn the importance of mental quietude for soul-guided healing.
  • Recognize perfect health as your natural, inherent state.

Lesson 2: Elevate Your Vibrations for Healing

Explore the transformative power of vibrations in the healing process.

  • Understand how to raise your vibrational energy to enhance healing.
  • Break free from limiting mindsets and beliefs.
  • Connect with your heart’s strength through powerful affirmations.

Lesson 3: Advanced Techniques for Spiritual Alignment

Experience deeper healing through advanced spiritual techniques and universal vibrations.

  • Experiment with universal vibrations to transform negative emotions.
  • Learn advanced methods for effective healing and spiritual alignment.
  • Develop stillness and cleanse your energy for optimal vibrational living.
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Lesson 4: Empowerment, Abundance, and Spiritual Resilience

Maintain your energy and cultivate a life of abundance and health.

  • Discover how to sustain your energy and prevent external energy drains.
  • Understand the impact of your thoughts on health and abundance.
  • Learn to release blockages and navigate away from negative influences.

Lesson 5: From Detachment to Mastery: Elevating Your Consciousness

Shift your mindset and elevate your consciousness through detachment and mastery.

  • Detach from negative influences and embrace abundance and self-reliance.
  • Master the transformation of energies and ailments into rejuvenation.
  • Cleanse your energy space and learn spiritual self-protection techniques.

Lesson 6: Unlocking Hidden Potentials and Inner Balance
Activate your inner potential and achieve holistic well-being through energy work.

  • Explore pineal gland activation, energy revitalization, and chakra balancing.
  • Amplify your energy fields and raise your vibrational health.
  • Cleanse your soul of negative energies and protect your spiritual well-being.

Lesson 7: Mastering Spiritual Alignment and Conscious Evolution

Align your spirit and energy to navigate life with resilience, love, and purpose.

  • Achieve spiritual alignment and connect with higher universal energies.
  • Expand your vibrational frequency and elevate your consciousness.
  • Master the art of navigating life’s challenges with love and spiritual insight.


Incredible Bonuses When You Register Today

Bonus 1: Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense - $128.88 Value

Unlock the spiritual mysteries behind age-defying health, longevity, and healing with this transformative 6 audio CD’s (digital copy) and a 30 minute video program! Delve into profound wisdom that individuals have sought throughout their lives, now made accessible through an inspiring and enlightening experience. Discover the keys to better health, increased happiness and joy, deeper relationships, insights into life’s mysteries, understanding dream symbolism, alleviating anguish, and healing past traumas. Embrace the benefits of mastering Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense for a fulfilling and empowered life.

Bonus 2: Magical Concentration - $88.88 Value

Unlock the potential of laser-sharp focus with Ed Strachar’s Magical Concentration 7 CDs in digital copy program ! In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by distractions and competing priorities. This program teaches you how to harness your concentration like never before, enabling you to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re pursuing financial stability, stress relief, athletic excellence, spiritual growth, or other endeavors, mastering the art of focused attention is crucial for success. With Magical Concentration, you’ll discover how to achieve more in less time, effortlessly tackle challenges, and propel yourself towards your goals with precision and clarity.

Bonus 3: Love Expansion Energy Healing Exercise - $44.44 Value

Unlock the profound healing potential of love with our Love Expansion Energy Healing Exercise. Elevate your vibrational energy, cultivate a heart filled with boundless love, and experience inner peace, joy, and happiness. Through this practice, you’ll have the opportunity to clear your energy field, heal your soul, and resolve emotional and spiritual distress. Say goodbye to negative energy, dark spirits, and blockages as you embark on a journey of love, healing, and spiritual growth.

The Bottom Line

This course is right for you if…

  • You Seek Holistic Healing: Ideal for those aiming to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, offering comprehensive well-being.

  • You Desire Inner Transformation: For individuals seeking profound inner changes, aligning mind, body, and spirit with higher vibrations and universal energies.

  • You Crave Spiritual Awakening: Perfect if you’re on a spiritual quest, looking to unlock your spiritual prowess and delve into your extraordinary capabilities.

  • You Want to Harness Infinite Energy: Suited for those interested in tapping into the Universe’s boundless power to rejuvenate life, boost vitality, and enhance consciousness.

  • You Seek Guidance from a Seasoned Healer: Tailored for those desiring insights and teachings from a seasoned healer like Ed Strachar, known for his transformative healing impact.

  • You’re Committed to Self-Discovery: Ideal for individuals dedicated to self-exploration, self-healing, and personal growth, providing a structured yet adaptable healing journey.

  • You Believe in the Power of Love and Universal Energy: For those who trust in the power of love, positive intentions, and universal connectivity, this course will deepen your engagement with these transformative energies.

If these points resonate with you, this course represents more than just an opportunity; it’s a transformative journey that awaits you.

Enroll now and start your journey to self-healing mastery and spiritual enlightenment with Ed Strachar guiding your path.

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Real Transformations, Real Testimonials!

Experience the power of the Self-Healing Mastery Course through testimonials of real individuals. Witness remarkable transformations and learn how this course can revolutionize your life.

I felt better, had more energy & learned techniques that I know work. I feel like a new person, the best version of myself in a long time. I’ve learned techniques that I know will support me for the rest of my life and I’m very grateful for having found him.

—Dr. Wendy McFalda, Doctor of Osteopathy & Dermatologist, USA

“Now moving on with “detachment”, and feeling spirit being restored and many old burdens from relationships and other failure being erased , slowly but surely my energy and optimism for a life filled with Win Win situations are coming back.

—Mogens Allan Neilsen
Veterinarian, Denmark

“At the end of the session, I was fully energized, stiffness and pain were gone, my head was clear and my whole body was vibrating with love and happiness. I could feel the waves of warmth flowing through my body even when the session was done.

— Ivana Lacko, Trainor, Consultant, Croatia

“It was a life-saving experience. Since then, my life has taken off in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Ed’s techniques are direct, powerful, and far from nonsense. He’s a no-bullshit guy with an enormous heart.

—Diana Dentiger
Neurobiologist, Italy

“We spent a considerable amount of time working on how to control fears, increase energy and remaining focused and calm regardless of all external pressures. I have felt stronger, energized, more confident, centered and balanced in all areas of life.

—Dr. Shan Hussain,
Medical Doctor, UK

I felt lighter and experienced a shift in my heart. This week, my blood pressure dropped to 110/70, surprising my doctor and leading me to credit Ed’s energy work. We are truly blessed to have such a gifted healer here

— Karen Rothstein, Former School Principal

Message from Ed:


In my lifelong quest as a healer and mentor, I’ve had the privilege of guiding countless individuals toward vibrant health, spiritual awakening, and profound transformation. Through decades of experience and learning, I’ve witnessed the incredible potential within each of us to heal, evolve, and live life to its fullest.

As a remote distance healer, I’ve facilitated awe-inspiring healings, from transforming chronic fatigue into vitality to guiding souls toward love and abundance.

It’s my unwavering belief that true healing encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. This belief has guided me through healing sessions, energy transformations, and spiritual awakenings, leading to remarkable shifts and breakthroughs for my clients worldwide.

I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me through the Self Healing Mastery Course. Together, we’ll delve into the depths of spiritual healing, unlock your innate potential, and awaken the healer within you.

Join me in harnessing the infinite power of the Universe for holistic well-being and vibrant living.

With gratitude and blessings,
Ed Strachar

Money-Back Guarantee

Take the first step towards vibrant well-being with confidence, backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel dissatisfied after your first session, receive a full refund—no questions asked.

Secure Your Spot

Secure your spot now for an investment of $2888 and unlock the keys to self-healing mastery. Join a community of conscious achievers and embark on a journey toward vibrant health, limitless energy, and profound spiritual evolution.

Who is This Course For?

This course is crafted for those who yearn for a holistic approach to healing, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. If you’re exploring spirituality and seeking profound inner transformation, this journey is tailored to meet your aspirations.

It’s ideal for individuals invested in energy work and healing arts, aiming to refine their techniques and delve into advanced practices. If you’re drawn to universal energies and the interconnectedness of all life, this course offers insights and tools to harness these forces for healing and personal growth.

Moreover, if you’re ready to step into your innate power, awaken your potential, and manifest positive changes, this course provides the guidance and empowerment you seek. Whether you’re navigating physical challenges, emotional hurdles, or a quest for spiritual alignment, this program offers a comprehensive roadmap to self-healing and well-being.

Inclusions and Summary of Lessons

Throughout the course, you’ll unlock the innate ability of your body to heal itself and discover the power of silencing the mind to allow your soul’s guidance. Lessons delve into energy transformation, raising vibrations, and breaking free from limiting mindsets. Advanced techniques cover transforming negative emotions, achieving eternal youth, mastering self-affirmations, and cleansing your energy space for holistic well-being.

You’ll explore pineal gland activation, chakra balancing, amplifying energy fields, and protecting yourself from negative influences. The course culminates in mastering spiritual alignment, connecting with higher consciousness, and navigating life’s challenges with love and purpose. Embark on a transformative journey with Ed Strachar’s Self Healing Mastery Course and unlock the infinite power within you.