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Ed Strachar's Client Testimonials

Every session no matter personal or group improve my feeling a lot. Every time at the end of session I feel strong and healthy. I got an extra power and energy. I keep forget about my issue. It is feeling like it was never happen.

Anatoly Ryzhenko

Web Developer

He asked me to stay still and visualize him in my heart. In a few seconds, I felt something being removed through my crown chakra, then I started to feel an expansion in the heart chakra with a gradual feeling of joy and the aura being flooded with an increasing flow of energy raising my vibration further and further.

Milad Cadalso Abboud

Professional Translator

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Ed Strachar (again) for his help and healing. I was struggling with my daughter as she had become very negative / down / depressed.  The next morning the difference in her was astonishing. She seemed to glow and had a gentleness about her that I'd not seen for a long time.

Andrea Watson


For years I've been looking for answers and a way to heal my chronic fatigue and pain in my body.  It has been a week since my first session and I still feel much calmer, more balanced, more focused. My energy feels softer but at the same time much more powerful.

Celestine Briët

Inventor and Designer

I had a spring back in my step. I felt light like I was just short of floating. I regained passion and direction. Since then I have lifted my vibration, regained self confidence in myself and most importantly, no one can bring me down any more. Thank you again Ed Strachar!


Oliver Hess

Technical Support Manager

I felt focused and connected to divine love. I know that may sound a little woo woo, but it was real. I was energized.  Blocks were removed.  It wasn't a temporary emotional rush, but a profound shift in my heart that I am grateful to have experienced.

Scott Lopez

Real Estate Investor

I have been able to tackle some difficult jobs that have been hanging over me for years. I am currently in the process of transforming the physical issues into health and well being. Ed taught me the way to get out of my head and access my own healing wisdom and connection. With this knowledge and my determination, it has been a life changer.


Denise McLean


I am extremely grateful that I came into contact with him & he agreed to help me. I would recommend anyone with any health problem or other problems, who really want to help themselves, to contact Ed Strachar, pay the fees, & learn from the most amazing, powerful teacher & coach, how to heal yourself.  Ed Strachar is an amazing healer.

Christine Evans

CEO of Incorp

After completing the 'Self Healing Mastery' and makes the discovery of all this learning, I were able to experience the entire process I implemented the received teachings and I have seen my serenity to this event and I slept like a baby all night.

Nicole Paradis


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About Ed Strachar

“Your body always has the intelligence to HEAL. When it doesn’t heal, it’s because it’s being blocked and doesn’t have the energy – THAT’S WHEN I COME IN.”

Ed Strachar is an incredibly powerful Remote Distance Healer who specializes in awakening life force and reviving the body’s natural ability to heal. Ed has healed countless thousands of ill, sick, a desperate and depressed people all over the world, some within a few minutes, all remotely through internet chat or by phone!


Ed Strachar
Elite Master Healer


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