How Remote Healing Online Works

Join Ed Strachar for an enlightening event about how remote distance healing works

Unlock a New Dawn of Healing 

If mornings bring more pain than promise, and traditional remedies have left you searching for more, a transformation awaits.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, discover how remote online healing energy offers a beacon of hope.

Begin to unlock the door to easing your pain, revitalizing your energy, and rediscovering joy. Don’t let another day be lost to discomfort and loneliness.  Embrace your journey to wellness now.

Awaken Your Days with Energy Healing for Pain Relief, Vitality, and Connection

Renewed Energy: Uncover the secret to revitalizing your energy levels, transforming fatigue into vitality, with techniques so simple you can do them in bed

Emotional Uplift: Discover how an ancient practice can lift the clouds of depression, infusing your day with lightness and a sense of connection

Pain Management Mastery: Gain control over chronic pain by getting in touch with your inner healing, directing it to the parts of your body that hurt the most, empowering you with a tool for life

Real Transformations, Real Testimonials!

Experience the power of the Healing Genius System through testimonials of real individuals. Witness remarkable transformations and discover how this can revolutionize your life

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“I had just retired from a beautiful 30-year career in nursing.  I was about to get a second total hip replacement and a knee replacement.  I found Ed Strachar on Facebook and read his testimonials that were just glowing about this man. I reached out to him.  His manner was so welcoming, so promising and so self-assured.   I had one session with Ed over the phone.  During the course of that consult, I felt clear, my heart felt an outpouring of love.  I had two other sessions with Ed. What this man gives is so incredible.  I highly recommend for anyone who is wanting to take their life to the next level to contact Ed.”

— Deborah Heatherington, Retired Nurse, Canada

Joel Bauer, energy healing, Ed Strachar, distance healing

“Perhaps a miracle….Ed Strachar.  I was preparing for an event.  People were coming from all over the world.  As a Business Traner, I care very deeply about them.  I was feeling depleted emotionally, physically and spiritually.  My body was literally shutting down. And if it wasn’t for Ed, the masters he’s studied with and how he so elegantly designed online healing, he literally helped me to recover.  I not only was able to lead the event and serve my people, I was able to function at a higher level I’ve never experienced before.”

— Joel Bauer, Elite Business Trainer,

wendy mcfalda, remote healing online, healing energy, healing genius

“I was feeling very desparate because I had low energy, was having difficulty making decisions and it just wasn’t like me.  I’m usually very high energy.  Working with Ed, I learned techniques that I know work. I have my hope back.  I’m very energetic during the day.  I feel positive, connected and. I feel like I’ve become the best version of myself.  Ed’s intention is amazing and good.  He comes from a place of intense caring.”

— Dr. Wendy McFalda, Osteopathic Dermatologist, Michigan

Roberta Lewis, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

“I have a much better attitude. I am very much less depressed. My energy level is better.  I get excited now.  I feel excited about my life.  I have a zest for life.  Ya know, 62, I thought it was old.  Now I feel, like, it’s good.  I always enjoyed my life.  But, I hadn’t been for 9 months.  Working with Ed was on the phon.  In some ways, it felt like he touched me, but not in a way like someone sitting next to you sitting on the couch.  I know a lot of you out there are saying ‘How can this be?’ But, you know what, unless you take a chance, you’ll be living with your pain.”

— Roberta Lewis, Real Estate Professional, New York

Kelly Clark, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

“I”ve alwasy been a serisl entrepreneur.  I’m currently running three of them.  Very few and far between was I making a profit.  It wasn’t small numbers, but it didn’t add up to the effort that was being put in.  I had a parent who committed suicide and I thought it created bad ju-ju.  With that, Ed saw the curses that had been on my family for generations. After Ed worked with me, it felt like a big weight was taken off of me.  I’m a very logical person.  From July to March, I increased my profits by 500%.  And, I didn’t do anything differently. All that happened was working with Ed for a short time.”

— Kelly Clark, Business Owner, Johannesburg,  South Africa

Pauline Dungeon, remote healing online, healing gneius, energy healing

“I was diagnosed with cancer that had attached to my spine.  It was impinging on my nerve and was interfering with my ability to walk.  I had surgery for that.  Then, the medication interfered with my energy.  I saw Ed online.  He didn’t know me at all.  I was blown away by what he told me about myself.  I could feel it straight away when he was doing the healing.  You have to be so still and come from the heart. Well, I’m analytical and would be thinking about how it works. By myself, I couldn’t do the healing.  What I noticed is that the breast lump had decreased in size significantly.  Also, I could walk without assistance.  Afterwards, I could get up and do anything.”

— Pauline Dudgeon, retired Nurse/Healer, Victoria, Australia

Discover Energy Healing to Elevate Your Health and Expand Consciousness

Holistic Harmony: Tap into the ancient wisdom that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit, enhancing your yoga practice and bringing your health to its peak

Conscious Connection: Deepen your connection to the universe with a practice that extends your energy 50 miles into the earth and sky, expanding your consciousness

Vibrant Vitality: Boost your immune system and increase your energy levels by infusing your organs with joyful vibrations, making every cell in your body awaken to new health

Unlock Easy Access to Powerful Energy Healing for Lifelong Wellness

Quantum Healing: Experience the power of healing that transcends time and space, as you learn to send smiles deep into the earth and out into the universe, initiating a profound energetic shift

Energetic Detox: Purify your energy field with a practice that cleanses your aura, dissolving negative energies and attracting positive vibrations

Spiritual Awakening: Accelerate your spiritual journey as you discover your inner healer, opening pathways to higher consciousness and enlightenment

About Ed Strachar: A Trailblazer in Healing and Empowerment

Ed Strachar is a renowned Remote Distance Healer specializing in awakening life force and reviving the body’s natural ability to heal. His exceptional healing abilities have touched thousands worldwide, transforming depression, chronic fatigue, and dark energy into love, health, and vitality within minutes, remotely through internet chat or phone.

Ed’s journey is marked by his diverse expertise, from being an Electronics Engineer to teaching at prestigious institutions like West Point, US Air Force Academy, and others. He’s also delved into chess, fastest reading techniques, and corporate training, showcasing his multi-faceted talents.

His Healing Genius® Training have benefited countless individuals globally, offering illuminating insights and empowering techniques for healing and transformation. Ed’s non-religious yet spiritually profound approach resonates with seekers worldwide, making him a beacon of hope and inspiration in the realm of healing and self-mastery.

“Infinite energy is available to you at all times, You just need to learn how to better connect to it.” – Ed Strachar

Unlock Your Healing Genius: Discover the Power Within

This event is a friendly online gathering where Ed is going to show you how healing from a distance can help you feel better, increase your wealth over time, and bring you closer to your family and friends, all from the comfort of your home.

Your transformative journey is based on the proven Powerful Healing Genius® Methodology that has helped 1000’s of people just like you.

By tuning into universal energy, you unlock a world of benefits that can transform your life. This energy connects us all and, when harnessed, can lead to remarkable improvements in health, prosperity, and relationships. Becoming aware of this powerful force opens the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, fostering a sense of harmony and balance. It’s about tapping into a source of infinite potential that can guide you towards a more fulfilled and joyful life, enhancing your well-being on every level.

Spending time with Ed Strachar is a journey into the heart of universal energy and its boundless benefits. Ed’s unique approach and deep understanding of this energy can illuminate the path to unlocking your inner healing powers. Under his guidance, you’ll discover how to tap into the universal force that binds us all, learning to harness it for improved health, wealth, and deeper connections with those you hold dear. Ed’s insights can transform your awareness, bringing a profound sense of clarity and empowerment. This experience isn’t just about learning; it’s about awakening to the incredible potential that lies within you, ready to bring about lasting change and harmony in your life.

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Ed explains the evil and dark forces that few others dare to even acknowledge!

What You'll Discover

  • How the Healing Genius System delves into the profound realms of energy and consciousness                                                                       
  • How tapping into the innate power within you and harnessing energies for deep healing, receiving increasing amounts of wealth, and creating stronger bonds with family and friends.                             
  • An awareness and understanding of the power of your own inner healing genius, explaining why healings over the internet using the Powerful Healing Genius® Methodology works                                      
  • How remote healing online can be used for energy revitalization, purification, and removing obstacles that hinder the healing process, wealth creation and building relationships  
remote energy healing, ed strachar, distance healing

Who is this for?

This is for anyone looking to heal deeply, grow their wealth steadily, and strengthen their connections with family and friends.

When you attend, you’ll get:

  • Clarity on how remote healing online can be used for energy revitalization, purification, and removing obstacles that hinder the healing process, wealth creation and building relationships                                 
  • How tapping into the innate power within you and harnessing energies for deep healing, receiving increasing amounts of wealth, and creating stronger bonds with family and friends is possible                                                                                    
  • An awareness and understanding of the power of your own inner healing genius, explaining why healings over the internet using the Powerful Healing Genius® Methodology works                                                                                                                                           Ultimately, Ed welcomes anyone seeking personal growth, wellness, and transformation, giving you access to knowledge and practices to unlock your potential and lead a more fulfilling life