Energy has levels to it or “dimensions.” Visible light that we as photographers work with is but one dimension.

Pyramids are energy generators but also, more importantly, energy magnifiers of the very important dimension of magnetic energy that is simply called “life force” or what the Chinese call “chi.” It is the energy of the soul.

That is why they have a stabilizing and purifying effect on the environment and things around them. Few people have access to the dimension of life force and the skill to direct it though it is possible for anyone as it’s done with the heart. Religions cover up this knowledge.

Control isn’t so easy if people can do this themselves. Christ was certainly one of them who could. Healing is one aspect of where it’s practically used.

Each of our spiritual hearts is also an energy generator for the dimension of soul energy which some people call love. It is the quantum fabric of the Universe. This female model is a pure soul, and when her heart is tuned to Christ’s heart of higher love, amplified by the Pyramid, a higher dimension of this love is projected from the photo.

It does not appear that too many can sense it here from the comments. I suggest asking your girlfriend, sister, mother, etc. As this energy can only be sensed with the heart. Not the brain where most of you are at.

The brain is competent but cannot feel or sense. Women naturally are more heart-centered, so it’s innately easier for them though men can adjust to it and learn it for sure.

Healing is one aspect of where it’s practically used. To know more about healing your energy, check out

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