Ed Strachar Soundly Refutes The Bullshit Story Put Out by TV New Zealand That attempted to Disrepute Him over Anna Godfrey Suicide because he Exposed their Witchcraft and Drugs!

This story involves TV NZ (New Zealand), witchcraft, a deceased anchorman, and The Anna Godfrey case

Ed Strachar’s former client and beautiful soul named Anna Godfrey tragically decided to end her life. According to the official coroner’s draft report, the cause of her death was multiple drug toxicity (quetiapine, citalopram, zopiclone), with coronary artery atherosclerosis as a contributing factor. Her death was ruled self-inflicted, a result of suicide.These drugs were prescribed by Dr. Kim Hurst of Upper Hutt, NZ, who had consulted with Anna on July 18 and July 24, 2017. Anna chose to take her life on July 26th, 2 days after taking the drugs the doctor prescribed. The drugs prescribed are known to have well-documented suicidal side effects, particularly intense at the start of treatment, according to the pharmaceutical company that produces them.

Verbatim from the Coroners Report

There are only two reasons why Anna would die as a result of multiple drug toxicity. One is that she took too much of the drugs by mistake. The other is that she took too much of the drugs deliberately with the intention of taking her life by suicide. When the two notes are considered together with the outcome of the post-mortem it is obvious that Anna’s death was a suicide.

Anna’s family insisted she visit a medical doctor to receive pharmaceutical drugs, against her wishes to avoid medication. Ed Strachar, an elite spiritual healer who had successfully worked with Anna, helped her withdraw from all her medication and recover. However, her family, to their dismay, used Strachar as a scapegoat. Strachar, who conducts his sessions remotely via Skype and Facebook and never met Anna in person, had completed a full set of healing sessions with her by March 2017. Following these sessions, Anna fully recovered and wrote a raving testimonial about Ed, which she posted on her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/edstracharpublic/posts/1963077147164506). Subsequently, her family removed the post and erased all positive comments, dialogues, and evidence of her great relationship with Strachar, behavior that raises suspicions for a family supposedly seeking answers.

The family created hysteria and blamed Strachar instead of the general practitioner who had prescribed the drugs with significant side effects, including suicidal tendencies. They attracted the attention of TVNZ, a tabloid “news” program, aiming to portray Strachar, who has a well-documented history of healing over 1,000 people online—including entire orphanages in India, the Philippines, and Nepal—as a “supposed healer,” with the express intent of discrediting him. Strachar strongly suspects that witchcraft was at play, hounding poor Anna Godfrey. Witches, he suggests, use demons in the same way security guards use attack dogs, and they target her. He suspects a local witch’s coven had her in their sights and did not want to be exposed. Her family members may have even been complicit in diverting attention and creating more conflict, as evil thrives on discord.

Interestingly enough, Ed is adept at detecting witchcraft and has had extraordinary success in removing hexes, curses, and spells. This ability is one possible motive for their attempt to discredit him. He knew that local witches were attacking Anna, and indeed, she was attacked.

The tension escalated when TVNZ’s host Janet McIntyre and producer Louisa Cleave reacted angrily after the death of Janet’s husband, Keith Slater, a well-known journalist in New Zealand who recently died of cancer, was mentioned. Ed Strachar sensed that witchcraft was also the underlying cause behind his cancer. He strongly suspects that McIntyre and Cleave were aware of this and perhaps even more involved. After verifying with his esteemed and renowned psychics and teachers, Ed confirmed that these two were complicit in the witchcraft that led to Mr. Keith Slater’s cancer and death, and that their agenda was diabolical.

When Ed brought up the subject, Janet McIntyre’s look of fear, as if her dark secret was no longer hidden, was apparent. Louisa Cleave, the supposed “fair and balanced” producer, became unhinged and attempted to prevent Ed from discussing further and exposing their dark agenda. Initially, TVNZ contacted Ed Strachar in December of 2018 with a request to do a story on his work and claimed fair and balanced reporting. Throughout the interview, they never mentioned Anna’s testimonial or any of the over 1,000 healing testimonials that are publicly available. There was nothing fair or balanced about their approach—pure lies, deception, and disinformation were their modus operandi.

Anna Godfrey's Testimonial

Hi, I’m Anna Godfrey from New Zealand. I first heard of Ed Strachar through a lovely lady and special friend who started sharing his posts on Facebook last year when she became a client of his.

I watched with curiosity and read about the wonderful results people were getting after working with Ed and decided to make contact even though I felt very nervous about it.

All my life I have been searching for “something” and as the years went by I experienced increasing feelings of anxiety, worry and fear. I exhausted myself looking outside for the peace I was craving.

Whenever people asked “how are you” I would smile and say, as we do, “good thanks” but the truth was I didn’t feel good on the inside and had a constant inner battle going on.

I had my first session with Ed and after he removed negative energy that was attached to me I felt such a huge RELIEF to feel true inner peace, contentment and happiness.

A few days after the session I experienced fragments of light moving around in my vision which lasted about 10 minutes then cleared.

I asked Ed about it as I’ve never had anything like this before. He explained that it was my soul cleaning. How amazing is that?! Many of the numerous symptoms (physical and emotional) I had have either gone or are greatly reduced.

As I continue to work in the way Ed taught me I know they will continue to improve.

I have been able to stop the medications I was taking and as well as the emotional benefits I have experienced, I have also had great improvement and healing in my knee, elbow, foot, neck and shoulders.

These complaints had been with me for years and I have tried just about every treatment and remedy there is.

As others have said Ed empowers you to become your own master of your health and happiness. He has taught me how to bring myself back into balance. Now when people ask how I am, I can say “I’m great” and truly mean it.

Thank you Ed for your dedication and patience. You are a lovely man, a kind and caring soul and a dear friend. Much love and gratitude, Anna 💜

Anna Godfrey
New Zealand

This interview showcased the challenges faced by those who battle against unseen and malevolent forces, reaffirming the biblical scripture, Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places.

It is not only Ed who sees this. When Ed posted a photo of the interview with TV NZ (https://www.facebook.com/edstracharpublic/posts/2331263550345862) on his timeline, knowing that his friends’ list contained many people of high consciousness and extrasensory abilities, the comments revealed a clear picture. Viewers noted the dark forces behind the interviewer’s cold and disconnected eyes, calling out the evil and manipulative energy directed at Strachar during the interview.

Comments from Viewers

  • Anna Thomson: “Your (Ed’s) energy, heart, and body language are so open and expressive, and she’s sullen, dark, evil, distrustful, and is out to prove you wrong. There’s a dark force behind those cold and disconnected eyes. Must have been a relaxing, riveting, and enjoyable interview, Ed.💜😁”

  • Renowned Australian Psychic, Anna Evans: “12th dimensional witchcraft, evil and reptilian shape-shifter… Clear clear clear! Ewww.”

  • Francine Wells: “A wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

  • Belinda Fenwick: “Eww, covered in darkness.”

  • Paul Russell: “Witch.”

  • Justin Paul: “She’s out to get you… it’s the side profile picture… I got a vibe from!”

  • Ntsikelelo Psychology Khanyile: “Her eyes reveal a very powerful demon (negative spirit). Only a very powerful healer can deal with this one. No child’s play!”

  • Pauline Dudgeon: “Very dark energy, scary eyes, and I would not trust her.”

  • Isaac Flores: “The picture when she is in red she is fixated like in trance. Creep.”

  • Julie-Anne Jefferson: “I know of this woman. She’s been a reporter on our TV for years. I always thought she seemed deeply troubled.”

  • Andries Johannesen: “She is not who she pretends to be, hidden pain, can’t be trusted.”

  • Eliza Oakley: “Whoa! In the first moment, Boom… Straight out of her eyes, like a punch in the guts (2nd Chakra). Cleaned and cleared self immediately.”

  • Janet Dedicoat: “I feel in my heart she is deeply sad, frightened, and scared. Initially, I thought don’t trust her she’s being controlled by something, but re-reading your comments and asked to feel from the heart, this is what I felt.”

  • Veronica Rudan: “When I sent love I felt snakes coming at me, no joking. Whether it was her or something outside of her I am not sure.”

  • Katherine Tsakopoulos: “In the professional pics she is wearing the pretty mask to hide the evil within. In the interview photo wearing the red sweater she is deliberately directing evil energy toward you, Ed, and you are blocking every bit of it.”

  • Sylvia Foster: “My first feeling on looking at her is she’s not sincere; she has darkness on her could feel that in my stomach.”

  • Ewen Richards: “Deep grief. Buried trauma and abuse including generational trauma. Left-right split—fear of the masculine manifesting in compliance and tendency to seek alliance with ‘strong’ masculine at a cost. Masking weakness and vulnerability. Strong feminine with clairvoyant and visionary qualities. Quite paradoxical. Very afraid to drop the mask, yet there is great strength in her vulnerability. Not well-grounded and vulnerable to manipulation or even mind-control.”

  • Krist De La Cruz: “She isn’t sincere. I get witchy vibes, and reptilian vibes; she reminds me of most politicians… And I feel she would manipulate questions. How was the interview by the way?😇❤️ The background sure is beautiful though 😇❤️.”

  • Nicole Louis: “My first instinct without looking much was not trustworthy. Then I decided to get a second look her feminine or lower body has been sucked dry. What she holds on to is a masculine, head brain and control, and hangs on for dear life. these are her personal states. And then there is a feeling she wants to get you, attack and like spit fire. But maybe underneath that’s her fear.”

  • Warren Black: “She’s filled with a lot of bitterness and sadness. There’s a rage coming through her eyes like much of humanity. I wouldn’t trust her but do feel compassion.”

  • Eric Guttmann: “You know it’s weird because I sensed pain and tiredness (as in physical and tired of fighting and dealing with bullshit) but in the professional cover shots a definite evil and manipulative presence.”

  • Sandra Mar: “Not to be trusted—surface-only person, no personal convictions. Maybe she tried too hard to fit in as a child, succumbed to peer pressure easily. Never got over her self-doubts and poor self-image, even though she had ‘the look’—straight hair, etc.”

  • Francine Wells: “A wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

These comments highlight a stark contrast between the perceived energies of Ed Strachar and the interviewer, pointing to a deeper narrative of conflict between hidden forces and exposed vulnerabilities.