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By: Elite Healer Ed Strachar, Creator of Healing Genius®

Develop Powerful Intuition, Age-Defying Health & Incredible Vitality!

6 Audio CD’s & 1 Video

Now Available Immediately on Digital Access

CD 1 – Spiritual Connections

Track 1 – Why Learn Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense?
Track 2 – The benefits of learning this
Track 3 – Spiritual connections
Track 4 – Directing your spiritual focus
Track 5 – Baby rabbits – an experiment
Track 6 – Psychics
Track 7 – The new age controversy
Track 8 – What blocks most people from learning this?

CD 2 – The Power of Truth

Track 1 – The power of truth
Track 2 – Soulmates
Track 3 – Cleaning and enlightening your soul
Track 4 – Studying the Sixth Sense in Asia
Track 5 – Spirituality in third-world countries
Track 6 – The power of dreams

CD 3 – Know Thyself

Track 1 – Who are you?
Track 2 – Learning your own lessons
Track 3 – About You
Track 4 – Soul synchronicity
Track 5 – Karma

CD 4 – Self Healing

Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 – What is self-healing?
Track 3 – What does healing mean to you?
Track 4 – Heal others to heal yourself
Track 5 – Spiritual health
Track 6 – Step one on the path to healing – The Inner Smile
Track 7 – A summary
Track 8 – Natural influences on health
Track 9 – Healing your emotions
Track 10 – Healing mental scars
Track 11 – Meditation
Track 12 – How can you heal your spirit?
Track 13 – Samuel and Maria

CD 5 – The Sixth Sense Part I

Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 – The real Sixth Sense
Track 3 – Spirits
Track 4 – My background
Track 5 – A scientific interpretation
Track 6 – Same examples
Track 7 – Stories to help you understand
Track 8 – How to learn the Sixth Sense for yourself
Track 9 – A quick summary
Track 10 – How we can learn this for ourselves
Track 11 – Tuning your energy
Track 12 – Your natural ability
Track 13 – Some exercises for you

CD 6 – The Sixth Sense Part II

Track 1 – Some incredible people I have met
Track 2 – How to tune yourself
Track 3 – Additional real-life examples
Track 4 – A healing exercise
Track 5 – Knowing thyself
Track 6 – A summary
Track 7 – Summary and outro
Track 8 – A meditation to tune yourself
Track 9 – Some music to collect your thoughts

DVD / Video – Miracle Workers

30 minutes of inspiring video footage with Pastor Dominador, Greg Joseph, Jasmine Vishnu, and Diana Manilova.

Energy Healing & The Sixth Sense visually demonstrated
Understand how they are forever linked
Learn what it takes
The principles and purification required

Learn the spiritual secrets of age-defying health, longevity and healing.

Wisdom that people have spent their lives searching for is now available in this powerfully inspirational and informative audio and video program! What people want is:

> Better Health
> More Happiness and Joy
> Deeper and more Fulfilling Relationships
> Better Understanding of the Mysteries of their Life
> Knowing what Their Dreams mean
> Relieving the Anguish they have in Certain Circumstances
> Relieving the pain from past traumas in their life
These are the consequences of learning the principles of Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense!

PRICE: $149.95


By: Elite Healer Ed Strachar, Creator of Healing Genius®

Think Faster, Learn Faster, And Improvise Brilliant Strategies For Winning In Business And In Life…
POWER THINKING …In Less Than 30 Days!

7 Audio CD’s & 1 Video

Now Available Immediately on Digital Access

CD 1 – Into The Genius Zone

Learn about the magic within you and how to tap into it. What is genius? What is the “zone”? How does “flow” work? Understand the four levels of life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Discover how to utilize this knowledge to solve problems and understand the basis of true personal power. Ed reveals the two key elements inside your mind and how they critically affect your performance. The overwhelming principle and how you can use it to your benefit. Learn how centering – as well as visualization and imagination – is a big part of The Genius Zone, and learn how to realize the powerful benefits. The real power of breath.

CD 2 – Creating Flow

Realizing your potential and tapping into your imagination. Dealing with difficulties, confusion, and frustration. Understanding and utilizing flow. Discover what flow is – when all things seem to just naturally come together with less expended effort and better results. Learn what you could unknowingly be doing that prevents you from having more flow in your life. Understand the flow of energy in the universe and the forces that drive it. The power of institutions and how they can stop you.

CD 3 – Practical Applications

How to use this information today to apply The Genius Zone principles to anything you do. Learn to get more done in less time. Build confidence and stay focused. Going into the zone – a powerful closed-eye visualization sequence to both build unstoppable self-confidence and prepare for events where you need to be at your absolute best.

CD 4 – Realizing the Genius Within with Alexander Everett

Universal laws, the genius within, the power of centering. What stops most people and what to do about it? Finding your natural talent. Why most people are unhappy, a test for marriage, the power of the alpha state.

CD 5 – Creating Financial Flow with Dennis Stevenson

How are money and flow related? Why do some people have a lot and others are always broke? What blocks us and how to overcome it? Examples of people who have turned around, what to do when you feel stuck and how to generate more prosperity in your life.

CD 6 – Accelerating Your Learning with Dr. Jeanette Vos

Author of “The Learning Revolution.” Learning how to learn – so you can learn anything. Right/left brain learning, brain state, centering, and how they affect your ability to learn fast. Our true intelligence. Why do children learn so fast and how to benefit by knowing this? The biggest mistakes schools make and what to do about it.

CD 7 – Tuning the Human Instrument with Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern, author, and composer, tells us how sounds and health relate to our emotions and mental state. How music affects learning. Relaxation and why most don’t really experience it. Getting “in tune” with ourselves. The challenges we face in a busy world, the flow state, and how sound can help you. TV and how it affects us. The dangers and effects of subliminal tapes.

DVD / Video – Supplemental

A 30-minute, fast-paced video demonstration of getting into the zone. The video discusses artistry, learning, finance, reading, and sports. A fascinating combination of state-of-the-art methods weaved in with centuries-old wisdom. Recommended to be viewed several times for maximum benefit.

Enter The Zone – Where there are no limits to what you can achieve! Set free the Genius Power you have hidden within you, where tapping into your natural ability will allow you to maximize every area of your life, including health, finance, learning, work and sport.

Into the Genius Zone is a refreshingly new and exciting approach to maximizing your physical and mental skills. Taught by Ed Strachar and six other masters in their fields, powerful secrets are revealed about achieving and realizing more of your potential by learning to get into The Genius Zone. Into the Genius Zone enhances your learning experience through easy-to-follow examples and lessons. A great weapon to have in your armory.

PRICE: $199.99


By: Elite Healer Ed Strachar, Creator of Healing Genius®

The Ultimate Guide To Performing Well Under Pressure.

6 Audio CD’s

Now Available Immediately on Digital Access

Audio CD 1

Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 – Realizing your potential Track 3 – What is Genius?
Track 4 – Breaking through the critical mode
Track 5 – The zone
Track 6 – The critic and the performer
Track 7 – Why we sometimes lack conviction
Track 8 – summary

Audio CD 2

Track 1 – Memory
Track 2 – Helping ourselves Track 3 – A self-empowering exercise
Track 4 – Reviewing the exercises
Track 5 – The first key to learning
Track 6 – The second key to learning
Track 7 – A practical example
Track 8 – Why our mind reacts this way
Track 9 – How to silence your inner critic

Audio CD 3

Track 1 – An example of real focus
Track 2 – An exercise at the mental level Track 3 – How to apply these tips to yourself Track 4 – Silencing the mind at the spiritual level Track 5 – Improving your performance
Track 6 – Being in the present
Track 7 – Preparing the brain
Track 8 – A training assignment

Audio CD 4

Track 1 – Dramatically improving your tennis serve Track 2 – How this is taught
Track 3 – Training Summary
Track 4 – Breaking the rules of convention
Track 5 – Getting rid of bad habits
Track 6 – What this teaches us
Track 7 – Learning at all four levels
Track 8 – Achieving greater relaxation


Audio CD 5

Track 1 – Self-doubt
Track 2 – Controlling pride Track 3 – How education conditions our minds Track 4 – Accepting failure
Track 5 – A final exercise
Track 6 – The sixth sense
Track 7 – Psychic connections
Track 8 – A story about belief
Track 9 – Why these learning techniques work

Audio CD 6

Track 1 – Going into the zone
Track 2 – The power of positive memories Track 3 – Vision exercise part 1
Track 4 – Vision exercise part 2
Track 5 – Meditation exercise

Using the power of your mind to achieve your goals and remain calm rather than what most people do , which is excessive worry, stress and mediocre performance.

In this series, Mental Training Master, Ed Strachar, a former trainer of Olympic swimmers, tennis players and other athletes, shows how to attain peak performance yet remain unstressed at the same time.

As an MBA and business consultant, Strachar also showed how to apply these same valuable skills in business, sales, and entrepreneurship.

This vibrant 6-CD set is ideal for those who want to achieve a lot and reduce stress, worry, and excessive fear in their lives.

PRICE: $99.99