A Tale of Two Cancers


In Late 2017, two ladies from opposite ends of the planet contacted me with similar cases.

Both had breast lumps. Both were breast cancer survivors and seemed to be suffering a relapse. I accepted both cases. Both were dear souls, lovely, kind, and gentle. I felt committed to helping them in any way I could.

Eventually, I invited them to meet on Skype and do joint sessions after working with them individually. They became good friends, as I thought they would. It was Eye Opening, to say the least, watching their progress. I will refer to them as Client #1 and Client #2 for practical purposes.

With cancer, there is always a myriad of circumstances. The medical system undoubtedly tries to channel them into chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is radiation. Radiation itself is carcinogenic. ( https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/truth-about-chemotherapy/)

There are well-documented studies that people with cancer that didn’t undergo chemotherapy lived longer than people that did. People who undergo Chemotherapy have a very high reoccurrence of cancer. ( https://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/chemotherapy-warning-as-hund…/) . There are also numerous examples of where successful cures were suppressed. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTGye7kA6rM&t=4s )

Regardless, my job is to help these dear souls beat the disease and evolve, learn and move on with their lives. We did that. In both cases, after the sessions, each would report ecstatic feelings of bliss, lumps would disappear, and joy and love would all be present. This type of report is typical of someone who learns to connect their passion to the infinite love of the universe, what some people call “GOD,” or the Source, etc.

That is not the end of the story, however. It is crucial for me to teach people to do this on their own as I coach them through this. No different than a person coming to fill a flat tire.

Filling the tire is ½ the job. If the tire leaks, it will soon be flat again. Same with healing. I can energize them in a session. Can they maintain that energy and stop the leaks?

This is ultimately where the game is won and lost. Many often report feeling good with a healer, but the “symptoms returned.” Well, if the energy is lost for various reasons, including excessive personal conflict, drama, dark forces, energy thieves, etc.

Excellence.. then, she has been outstanding at letting go of the drama, transforming the negative things in her past into love, this is a robust process I teach that can only be done in a very high vibrational energy state. She just wrote me a glowing testimonial of how her doctor couldn’t believe her great lab results.

For me, it was a powerful lesson. Often people think that hiring a healer means the healer should heal them despite themselves.

That is about as sensical as thinking about hiring a personal trainer; they should do the exercise for you. 

One reason I require all clients to take full responsibility for their results. It’s one reason my success rate is north of 90%. People who take responsibility know what is needed and know they can only do the action. No one will clean up their life for them. Not God, Jesus, their Mother, etc. They and they alone must do that to evolve.

As evident in this story, some do, and others choose not to., Yes, it is always a choice.

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